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Children's Horoscopes


20 February to 20 March

The child of Pisces is extremely sensitive, intuitive and affectionate. These children prefer to live in a world of fantasy, without timetables or routines. They eat only when they are hungry, but their diet requires better discipline. They sleep when they are sleepy; they play and get things done when they feel inspired. Pisces' attitude is reasonable, but hunger, sleep and play patterns change daily. The best way to teach Pisceans to be disciplined is with love, and lots of it. They are extremely emotional and romantic and will change their attitude if they feel they are hurting their parents by their behaviour. The adult world, and sometimes the future, frightens them, and this is why they prefer to take refuge in their own world of fantasies, away with the fairies. To avoid growth of this innate escapist attitude it is very important for Pisces' parents to assist and support them.

Piscean children have extraordinary intuition and will sometimes surprise others with dreams and visions that eventually become reality. They perceive but do not understand everything that is happening around them. It is important not to argue in front of them, because they could feel that they are the cause. Their extreme sensitivity makes them sense financial or domestic tensions. A good way to help Pisces children is by taking them to places close to the water or nature. Their energy is renewed when they walk in the park, play or stay at the beach, or just have fun in the backyard-studying insects. It is important to let them have a dog, cat or bird. If they do not have one, they will create a pet within their overactive imagination. Their solitude must be respected; they travel far away in their mind. Their inspiration makes them very good at acting, music, dance, poetry and painting. Being so sensitive, they are quite easily hurt by any rough attitude and it is common to see them crying over ridiculous matters? Sometimes they seem to be lying, or at least bending the truth, but it is their imagination that makes them see things in an unreal context. Instead of repressing them, it is better to encourage their creativity in writing or painting.

It will not be easy for Pisceans to adapt to the demands of school but, if they feel the love of their teachers, it will help them to fulfil their duties. Their behaviour is sometimes contradictory. These little fish change their course again and again, sometimes in enthusiasm for something new, but sometimes in order to avoid reality and certain responsibilities. Pisces children are very affectionate and will give love to everyone around. They love life itself and feel compassion for all human beings. Their parents must understand this in order to avoid hurting their feelings. As adolescents they will be very romantic. Their first loving experiences will be crucial, as these could mark their behaviour in the future. If these experiences are not very positive Pisces children could develop deep fears and insecurities. Parents should not laugh at them; on the contrary, they must support them. They are easily influenced; almost anyone can convince them to do something. Children of Pisces are also easily deluded. They try to escape whenever they get hurt or feel fear, and may sleep a lot or disappear somewhere when this happens. Parents must not worry, because the only certainty in their destiny is change. They need huge amounts of love so they can face life and make their dreams come true. Pisces' body will be soft and delicate, of a regular height, with round facial features and very special eyes. Usually, the eyes will be green or grey or an undefined colour and will change as the children grow. Eye colour will also change with the weather and the intensity of the light.


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