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Children's Horoscopes


21 March to 20 April

The Aries child is usually strong, vigorous, vital, outgoing and very affectionate. Starting from the time they are born, these children will try to get everybody's attention and they usually cry until they get what they want. Their bodies are strong, as well as their voices. The great energy they are born with propels them into action, and they start walking and talking at an early age. They shock people with their physical strength, moving chairs and other heavy objects, climbing trees and being daredevils. This applies to both boys and girls.

Aries children will always be attracted to what is forbidden. Parents need to keep an eye on them because they are so curious and restless that they may be prone to occasional bumps, bangs or bruises. They do not learn quickly by experience, but always intend to do better under the worst of circumstances. Due to their vitality, they recover from illness quite rapidly. These children are very loving and, at the same time, need enormous and demonstrative love from parents. They are go-getters but also daydreamers who become sentimental over issues. They have bright imaginations and are always ready to take on the world. Aries children are very proud and seek admiration from their peers. They sometimes lose their temper with explosions that can be quite frightening, but these emotional tantrums disappear as fast as they come. They are not spiteful and will, in most cases, willingly forgive and forget. Because they are trusting and sincere, parents should be frank with them in order to strengthen their self-confidence and ability to discern.

Aries children may have a problem with being lazy about their schoolwork; they find some studies very boring. Parents should never compare them with their brothers and sisters. Instead of making him or her feel ashamed, challenge your Aries to become a good tactician. Aries will be a leader among his or her friends, thinking up new games and activities and always endeavouring to win. The Aries child must learn to obey at an early age in order to avoid big problems in the future. Soft-hearted as they are, these children can be overly trusting, although tenacious and persistent. Their pride can easily result in their being hurt. Birthday and Christmas presents must be kept well hidden because Aries children are very impatient and cannot wait for the proper time to open them and will always try to sneak a peek. They are usually very generous, even spendthrift, so money will never stay in their pockets for very long. They want everything now. If Aries receives bad treatment as a child, he or she will probably be very aggressive and selfish in the future. Aries children will always need to be in motion, and will want to do things their own way.

They will develop great pride, striving to be the first in everything. They like to compete to show off their skills; they will always be leaders. They may have problems manifesting their feelings, especially their weaknesses and fears. In this they will joke and try to distract everyone's attention. Patience will not be one of their virtues but, as time goes by, they will calm down. Aries' courage will make him or her adventurous and mischievous too. The Aries infant can certainly be restless, needing only a few hours of sleep before waking up again, ready for action. It is better to make requests of Aries children with a smile rather than order them, so they will try even harder to please. They need to keep busy, participating in sports or developing their creative interests. As a parent it is very important to remember that you have to praise Aries children if they are to grow up with a feeling of wellbeing.


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