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Children's Horoscopes


24 July to 23 August


Leo children are happy, playful and at times dominating. They are obviously overqualified and they know it. Leo children are always after everybody's attention, and people always give it, willingly or not. Leos have a constant need to be flattered and treated with kindness and approval. You can easily hurt their pride with any show of disapproval or criticism, and they may then become stubborn, disobeying authority on purpose. They tend to control their friends, so they must learn to be fair and to respect everybody's space, no matter who is stronger. Of course they should never be criticised when other people are present.

From birth Leo children show their nobility and dignity. Everybody loves them for their charisma and outgoing nature and, as they grow, they will take advantage of this situation, allowing others to do things for them while not lifting a finger themselves. Parents should exercise their authority and should not feel they have to grant every wish of these children, who have to be taught that they must obey their parents and that they cannot treat people as servants. If there is something they want they must be made to work for it. If they are not they can become spoiled tyrants. Leo children will always have respect for the parent who is more powerful at home. They are not quiet types, but are rather full of energy, always looking for challenges and risks and usually proving talented in sports and arts.

If they seem to be shy this may be due to a blow to vanity, perhaps coming from an excessively dominant parent or from the fact that they feel their brothers and sisters receive much more attention than they do. Girls of this sign may not seem very feminine but, as time goes by, their vanity makes them change. Teachers can count on these children to replace them. Leos know how to handle others effectively but, because they like to have fun, the class could be transformed into a party. There is no sense in compelling them to do something. The only way to make them do well at school is to challenge their pride and vanity, encouraging their desire to be better than the rest. They need praise for their achievements and effusive demonstrations of love just for being themselves. They do not want just anything; they want it all. Leos may want more money than the rest of their brothers and sisters because they love expensive things. They will show deep and turbulent emotions at an early age. They live with passion and sometimes enjoy play-acting.

Friends and lovers (and they will have many) will experience dramatic emotions, with moments of ecstasy followed by broken hearts. Leos are very sociable and they love all types of parties. They need freedom to move and to express them selves. If they don't have it, they will take it anyway. In order to develop the power and strength necessary to ensure a successful future Leo children should be given opportunities to make decisions at an early age. Receiving approval for successful results will be very stimulating for them. The child of Leo was born to act, to lead, to conduct, and to be prime minister. It is not easy to tame a little lion; sometimes it seems impossible. To do it, it is important to use gentle and constant discipline. Love and tenderness are the magic keys to open a Leo child's heart. Parents must remember that, although these children seem to be strong, their secret fear is that they are not as strong as they seem. That is why you have to hug them every night and love them intensely.


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