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Children's Horoscopes


22 June to 23 July

Cancerian children are very sensitive and moody. They can laugh and cry many times during the same day. Cancer kids are very perceptive and are fascinated by the world around them, always trying to discover new things. They are attracted to all the colourful images they see, and these images will stay in their mind forever. Cancer children have a very retentive memory. They are delicate, get scared pretty easily and will probably need a light on at night or will love to hear the radio or television on in the background at bedtime. Their emotional world is vast and they have a great need to give and receive love. At a young age they take on the role of protector, especially around single parents. Some Cancerian children have pets. They love to feed and take care of them with great dedication and sensitivity. They make very good doctors and nurses. The main influence for Cancer is the home, and these children have a special relationship with their mother. They may depend on their parents, brothers or sisters longer than other children might. They love to hang around home indefinitely. Many Cancerian children can be very shy and sometimes do not like to be around strange people.

Parents do not have to force their Cancer children to do something. They have a delicate sensitivity and will always remember any bad treatment they have received, which could cause problems or traumas in the future. They are very aware of what is going on around them, so it is important not to quarrel when they are around. They could feel guilty about the issue. Most Cancerian children are docile, quiet and tender emotionally. It is not easy for them, because of their insecurity, to follow other people's rules. They are very individualistic and independent in their way of thinking. Cancer children usually get what they want and sometimes they are spoiled. But if these children do not receive the love and tenderness they need, they could become rude, stubborn, possessive and lonely. Cancerian children usually have a bright imagination and it is very probable that they will meet friends of the same kind to play with. They also show a tendency toward the arts and creativity in general, especially music and cooking. Teachers might complain about their stubbornness or that they are daydreamers. Usually when Cancer children get hurt, they keep quiet and worriedly stew things over instead of letting everybody know what happened.

They gather strength from nature. They would be very happy sowing seeds in the garden and watching them grow. They are usually in a jovial mood and communicate well with select friends. As a parent you do not have to worry about their bad moods; they will disappear quickly. Cancerians keep all the things they love. Even as grown-ups they will still have their toys, bits and pieces. This is also true with matters of the heart, including their family, friends, school photographs, the neighbourhood, the city. They love to collect things and are very fond of tradition and history.

No matter where they live, they will always keep their memories very fresh. This is why parents should maintain their things - their books, trophies, school reports, even their own room - in the same state as when they left home. Only when Cancerians feel emotionally complete will they show their authority naturally and become leaders. Girls of Cancer may have a stronger personality than Cancerian boys, and they will be the leaders in their homes. Because Cancer children develop a deep love for their family they will always be willing to assist them under any circumstances. All the love they receive from their parents will work as an investment, as these children will give it back to them in larger amounts as their parents grow older. Cancer children usually have regular bodies and height, with smooth skin and maybe a few freckles and moles. But usually their body will show delicacy and softness due to the sensitivity of their spirit .


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