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Children's Horoscopes


24 September to 23 October

Libran children are sweet, soft and charming. His or her features are delicate and everyone is won by that beautiful smile. Librans are sociable and enjoy being with people. They start seeking inner balance through harmony at a young age. Aggressiveness makes them very uncomfortable; they cannot stand arguments or quarrels. They will always be looking for peaceful places, warm colours and soft music. This is something to keep in mind when it comes to that inner aggressiveness. Librans may lose control in an intense or harsh environment, so decorating their bedroom in a delicate and harmonious way will help their temper. One of the worst problems these children face is making up their minds. Their inner balance swings back and forth from one side of an issue to another, causing doubt. They hate to make decisions in a hurry, because the pressure adds to their confusion. Parents should not shout at Libran children, order them about or irritate them. Otherwise, as adults, they may show neurotic behaviour when making important decisions. The point is to talk to them softly and patiently; they are obstinate only when confused. Caution is their best characteristic. They do not like to get involved in trouble or to be wrong. In discussions they will be impartial and will be the peacemakers, soothing the opposing sides and finding equitable solutions.

Librans know what balance and justice mean, so their parents must cultivate this understanding. The best way to teach it is by example: at home treat brothers and sisters the same and give responsibilities to all. Librans may have intense periods of activity, followed by times of relaxation. Don't bother them when they're not active; their inner balance will drive them into motion. Librans can be a little lazy and not like physical effort. They can be experts at softening hearts, especially parents. Librans are very sweet and sympathetic; consequently they usually get what they want. The bad side is that they can be spoiled children and little con artists, so it is very important that parents combine discipline with love. Librans will adjust well in school if they receive the right balance at home. Because they have bright and logical minds, are curious and like to know about everything they make very good students. They do not like disorder and will help to keep the house clean.

During adolescence their fondness for good grooming will become apparent; they will take over the bathroom for hours. Parents must remember that peace, beauty and comfort are part of Librans' harmony. They will start early to show their skills as charmers and will always be surrounded by romance. Libran children have multiple creative skills and are very expressive artistically. They will be very happy learning how to sing or play a musical instrument or taking classes in theatre, literature or arts and crafts. Regarding Librans' dietary habits, they have a tendency to choose sweet things, to eat lots of junk food, which could cause future weight problems. If parents give them a harmonious environment to grow in, Libran children will always be protective of them and their home. It is most likely that Libran children will have a very nice pair of dimples on their cheeks when they smile. Their body will be well proportioned and generally attractive. Eyes can be light-coloured or distinctive in colour or shape. The touch of Venus adds beauty to all their facial features and makes them people of eternal romantic attraction.


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