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Children's Horoscopes




24 August to 23 September


The child of Virgo is quiet, peaceful and shy. Virgo is very delicate and will be selective and picky about food early on. Once parents know what Virgo children are like, they are easy to please. Virgos do not usually demand too much and, in most cases, will do what is asked of them. As they grow, they start to show their intelligence and their capacity for detail. They have fun discovering things other people usually take for granted or do not see at all. They are usually tidy and neat with their toys. They can be very shy with strangers, especially at home, not speaking or even hiding, or they may just stand around motionless. As they start to feel comfortable they release pressure. Virgos have a complex personality and are so sensitive that they get hurt very easily. Any challenge, criticism or mockery almost immediately generates a complex. Often they feel insecure or inferior. Virgos' parents must help them develop their self-esteem from the start by demonstrating their love and support repeatedly. One word of praise is not enough, because they may not take it seriously. They make good friends and they are closely tied to their mothers, always helping with the housework. You do not need to ask a Virgo twice to do something.

At school Virgos can become the best pupils because of their dedication and discipline. Being such perfectionists they sometimes even correct their teacher. They are not satisfied with things in writing, but require physical proof. They have a very inquisitive and calculating mind. It is good for them to have many educational games at hand to stimulate their mental capacity. Virgos love good books. Education plays an important role for them because, the more they learn, the more confidence they will have in themselves. Those who do not receive a good education may have problems as adults, such as unhappiness, shyness, introversion or feelings of inferiority. They will be very precise in their habits and have a place for everything. They will complain about their brothers and sisters wanting to destroy their tidy world. They may criticise all the members of the family, in fact, and even imitate them in a funny way. Virgos' emotional world is very complex and, much of the time, they will not let anybody know what is going on inside.

In adolescence they become more sensitive, so their parents should not make fun of their first steps in love. This could cause deep wounds, which could affect their future where love is concerned. You can bring out the best in them by using delicacy, gentleness and a logical way of speaking. Virgos yield in the face of aggressiveness and, instead of exploding, become paralysed. A good way to improve their future emotional life is to teach them how to show their feelings freely. It is also very important to talk naturally about sex, to make them feel more secure. You do not have to be afraid of spoiling Virgo children or of creating illusions in them. Virgos are very realistic, very clever, and all the fantasies they develop in childhood will contribute to their emotional balance in the future. Virgos' physical body can be thin and delicate. Their movements will be soft and quiet, though their eyes will have a vivacious quality and express great intelligence. Their curiosity and desire to know everything are evident very early; while in the crib they will observe and study everything that is going on around them.


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