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Children's Horoscopes


21 April to 21 May


Taurus children are born with nice harmonious bodies. They may have dimples on their cheeks and a beautiful smile on their Ups. Usually they will be quiet, soft and calm. They will not move fast and will prefer comfort to complication. In general, Taureans are very sweet, gentle and loving. While babies, they love to be caressed, hugged and spoiled. Taurus is the child who always wants to be with parents and is very affectionate with everybody in the family. The child of this sign, boy or girl, will be healthy and strong, paying much attention to food. Taurean children can eat almost anything and everything, and in large quantities. Parents should start early to teach good eating habits, as these children have a fixed nature, and whatever they learn or get used to will be very difficult for them to change in their adulthood. They just love sweets and chocolates, hamburgers, pizzas and any other junk food you can find.

Birthday parties are a speciality for Taurean children; they can eat their share as well as the other children's. They tend to be overweight. Taurean children are usually quiet and pleasant They arc emotionally stable, seldom get depressed and rarely display aggressiveness or impulsiveness, unless pushed to the limit They behave properly even among strangers, but if they are made the centre of attention for some reason they tend to freeze up. Taurus children are among the most stubborn of the zodiac. It is very difficult to make them change their mind, or force them into situations they are unsure about. To threaten them with any kind of punishment makes them even more stubborn and determined. They can become very shy or rigid as adults if they are pushed constantly by parents to do things they do not want to do. The best way to treat Taurus children is with love and affection. A kiss, a hug and a lovely smile can work wonders and make them less obstinate. Colours and sounds also affect their emotions. Vivid, heavy colours disturb them while soft pastels make them feel better The effect is similar with sounds and music. Taurus is very sensitive, even as a baby.

He or she will do things only if they seem reasonable and practical. Parents must talk to their Taurean children calmly, truthfully and logically, because they need to know only the truth, without a lot of complex explanations. Taureans have an instinctive affinity for music, the arts and creativity. It is a great idea to teach them to sing or play an instrument. They may love drawing; painting or creating things in play dough. They are very creative in their thinking and may be the best workers in their class at school. Taurean children are very obedient, but their minds are usually slow and plodding. Never rush them; they need plenty of time to do things. They have a good memory and do not forget what they have seen or been taught. These children do not usually lose their toys or personal belongings; in fact, they can be hoarders of their own and other children's goodies. They are a bit fearful of darkness, ghost stones and bumps in the night. They have a rich romantic imagination. If they grow up in a peaceful home, with love and without pressure on them, Taureans will be strong, confident and very affectionate with parents and family.


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