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Children's Horoscopes




23 November to 21 December


The child of Sagittarius is an adventurer, restless and self-confident. Sagittarius has a very good sense of humour, like a small clown. Whenever these children laugh everyone is affected by their joy. As they grow they will show their restlessness and charm. They will travel all over the house, then the neighbourhood and then the entire world. Their curiosity and energy are unbounded. They are always asking questions; they want to know everything and sometimes press very hard with their endless inquiries. They react against orders; they only obey if they think it is logical. Their inquisitive and reasonable mind is always analysing the instruction. To get their cooperation on any subject parents must appeal to their sense of justice and honesty. If they are kept confined at home all day or have their fantasies inhibited they may lose their motivation. Sagittarian children love to be outside and love sports, in which they can excel. Friends love them and always look for them because they make people laugh or feel at ease. Although Sagittarian children show authority and enthusiasm, they are not very strong within, and they need support for their ideas and enterprises. They are ingenuous, so people can easily influence them. Parents of Sagittarians should always keep an eye on their friends. Their sense of freedom becomes stronger in adolescence and they may leave home early to travel and see the world.

At school Sagittarians can be inconsistent because everything depends on their enthusiasm. If they get bored they will not be good students, but if they find subjects that interest them they will learn very quickly. Their mentality is multifaceted and is fed by their curiosity and adventure. The more dynamic their education is the better. It is extraordinarily easy for them to learn languages, and they are also fond of religion. Sagittarians are likely to go through changes in their faith and religion while searching for the truth; they are very philosophical children. As they have an adventurous, exploring spirit and don't be surprised if your Sagittarius child at some stage in life decides to live in another country for some time.

Sagittarius children do not have a head for finance, unless it has been taught and drummed into them at an early age. Parents must teach Sagittarians how to deal with money and to save some in order to avoid future financial problems. They should not be soft on this point. If the child spends a week's allowance in one day, he or she must live the rest of the week penniless. Though this seems rather harsh it will be very positive for the development of his or her conscience. Sagittarius's adventurous spirit is also obvious in matters of the heart. Boys and girls of this sign experience many romances during their adolescence and sometimes more than one at a time. They are very independent, outgoing and restless. They need friends for their endless adventures, rather than strong and authoritative parents. They need to know that their parents have confidence in what they are doing on their own in order to hit every target they aim at throughout life. Sagittarius children have a big smile and their whole body expresses the happiness they feel. Their faces tend to be round and their bodies strong and solid. The main characteristics will be their joy and their love for adventure throughout their destiny.


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