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The Water Bearer




If Aquarius is your Rising Sign, there are many times when you are a puzzle and even a complete enigma to other people, including some of those closest to you. Occasionally, you can suddenly become totally unpredictable or even erratic.

Without any warning, and certainly when other people least expect it, you will suddenly change direction or shoot off at a tangent and do something quite out of character. The reason for this is that Aquarius is in tune with all that is unconventional, unorthodox, surprising, novel, innovative, inventive and experimental. Thus it is no wonder that you can really surprise people. You will never stay in a rut for long, with the result that there will be many changes in your interests, activities and way of life as the years unfold. What is more, many of these big reshuffles will happen in very unexpected ways.

You have definite opinions and very fixed ideas, plus an exceptionally strong willpower, so you are not easily influenced nor swayed by others. You will stick to your guns with unshakable determination.

Aquarius is the most humanitarian Sign of the Zodiac, giving you complete sincerity, patient understanding and an easy friendliness, which ensures you of many interesting and enjoyable encounters throughout life. Your friendships are often long and many, yet strangely, no matter how well or how long a person has been associated with you, he or she never comes to know you completely. This is because you always put up a little barrier between yourself and others. It is like a mental and emotional buffer zone, a safety net that protects and shields you; for some reason, you will seldom let other people get too close to you. Hence the riddle about you that no-one can ever seem to fathom. Because you can appear to be both mentally and emotionally detached, many people form the opinion that you are cold and aloof. Nothing could be further from the truth, for you are a deeply caring person but you do not wear your heart on your sleeve.

There is no doubt that the Aquarian influence makes you altruistic, but you often seem a mass of contradictions because you are at once naturally friendly and a loner. There are times when you feel like a misfit, because in certain ways you are ahead of your time. Particular ideas of yours may be a little too radical for some people, but Aquarius is a progressive Sign and you must not allow others to stop you capitalising on the opportunities which it presents.

All the new age technologies, inventions and modern scientific discoveries are related to Uranus and Aquarius, as is astrology and everything of an electrical or electronic nature. Therefore you may find some of these interesting.

This Sign rules the calves of the legs and the ankles, as well as the blood stream. There is the possibility that at some time in your life you could suffer from sprained or weak ankles or blood disorders arising from poor circulation.

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