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The Ram




When Aries is your Rising Sign, some of the factors which will colour your lifestyle are action, energy, audacity, initiative, drive and enthusiasm, and your nature will be forthright, fiery and impulsive, with a constant desire to be busy.

Yours is a masterful Sign fired by big ideas, possessing strong convictions coupled with great courage and an abundance of physical stamina.

You have genuine self-confidence in your ability to succeed. No obstacle is too big for you to tackle because there is the spark of a courageous spirit within, which will not allow anything to daunt you. You are frank, abrupt, often impatient and outspoken, sometimes to the point of being extremely blunt. Other inevitable consequences of your fiery, dynamic spirit are recklessness and extravagance in both ideas and actions.

You are the type who can quickly become enthusiastic about a new idea but, unless other factors in the horoscope lend persistence, you soon find that you have lost your initial enthusiasm and the idea no longer stimulates your mind. Consequently, there is likely to be a lot of unfinished business hanging around, things you have begun on impulse but which are still waiting to be completed. Unless you can develop the habit of tying up loose ends and finishing one thing before you begin another, your mind will always be miles ahead of your body.

Your life is frequently filled with a high degree of excitement and stress, so you are liable to suffer from such complaints as headaches, insomnia, fevers, neuralgia and eye troubles. In the physical body, Aries rules the head, and it frequently happens that people who have this Sign on the Ascendant have a cut or a scar somewhere on the head, face or I scalp. Mars, your personal planet, signifies strength, vitality and stamina; consequently you have excellent recuperative powers. However, try to avoid burning yourself out by too much activity and by constantly driving yourself. You overtax your mind and body more than most people.

Aries is an aggressive, combative Sign and thoroughly enjoys a battle of wits. You come alive when pitted against a rival, whether in debating, business, sport or even marriage. Any form of competition brings out the best in you. Forceful and determined to get your own way.

You can become quite indignant, arrogant and hot-tempered when opposed, although you soon forget an argument. You're not the type of person to hold a grudge for long. 'A storm in a teacup' is a saying which fits this type of Aries personality. Impulsive, quick, daring and impetuous, you are happiest when doing things on the spur of the moment. Long-range plans and prolonged tasks bore you to tears if and when you get I caught up in them. It is then that your impatience, recklessness and lack of forethought can easily lead to little mistakes or even big blunders. You should always learn to look before you leap.

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