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The Virgin




When Virgo is your Rising Sign, giving service to others is one of the keynotes of your success. There are two main reasons for this: firstly, you are reserved, practical and methodical; secondly, you can be relied on to carry out instructions to the letter, with attention to every detail.

Because Mercury, the planet of the mind, is your ruler, you have acute powers of analysis, discrimination and discernment. The quickness of your brain is allied with a cleverness of hand. Your cool, clear, keen intellectual abilities give you accurate insight into most problems and situations, especially those of a practical nature.

Your way of summing up a person or a situation is to analyse all the small details you can perceive. You can do this in an objective, detached kind of way, but when something is not to your liking, you can become very critical. If this tendency is not curtailed' it can degenerate into nit-picking, nagging and finding fault with almost everyone and everything. Naturally, your critical faculty makes you very choosy when it comes to the type of friends and associates with whom you like to mix, but to be fair to you (and because you are a perfectionist in many ways), you can be equally critical and exacting of yourself.

Unfortunately, it is not always possible to achieve your cherished perfection in all things, with the result that you often feel thwarted and dissatisfied. Where your own impossible dream is concerned, you do not like to compromise.

Virgo on the Ascendant usually indicates great interest in health and diet. When you are not feeling well, however, try to avoid the habit of imagining yourself to be worse than you are. This innate interest in health complements your hygienic habits, as shown in the way you keep yourself, your clothes, your home and your surroundings scrupulously clean. Because you take much more interest in mental accomplishments than in physical prowess (especially after youth has passed), you are inclined to neglect physical exercise. This can lead to sluggish activity of the intestinal tract and subsequent poor elimination. Once a true-to-type Virgo Ascendant person becomes chronically ill, it is almost considered a status symbol to remain that way. There is, sometimes, a morbid satisfaction derived from talking about 'My Illness'.

This position of Virgo usually confers a great love of detail; thus in everything you do, each separate little item will receive proper attention. You have the ability and aptitude required for a hobby or a job which means working with small component parts: jewellery, needlework, watch making, electrical circuits, microscopic analysis and so on.

You will always prefer to base your judgement on facts, reason and logic rather than on emotions, or fantasy. Being a realist means that you like to have a commonsense, reason for doing anything important.

An 'Earth' Sign means that you do not have vivid flights of imagination.

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