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The Archer




When Sagittarius is your Rising Sign, your freedom and independence are probably two of the things you value most in life. You find it, therefore, very difficult to tolerate anyone or anything that places limitations on your thoughts and activities.

Where marriage or close relationships are concerned, this influence of Sagittarius can cause problems. The reason is that committing yourself to share your life with another person automatically imposes a certain amount of restriction on your freedom and independence.

After the initial romance has faded and your partnership has become a practical affair with all the daily routine it involves, you can begin to resent the fact that you are no longer free and independent. Unless you take full control of this shift in attitude, the influence of Sagittarius rising can lead to a broken relationship. As a matter of fact, this particular Zodiac position is notorious in the divorce courts and in the lives of many people who have married more than once. Of course, there is also the other extreme where the person refuses to surrender his or her freedom and does not marry at all. Where happiness in a partnership is concerned, the influence of the Sun, Moon and planets will be of paramount importance. Certainly not every person with Sagittarius on the Ascendant will go through a separation or a divorce but, nevertheless, it is an influence that needs careful handling.

Vitality is a dominant characteristic of this Sign, and since you love the freedom you find in the outdoors and in the fresh air, in the sunshine and the wide, open spaces, you enjoy expressing your energy in various types of sporting or outdoor activities where you can feel totally unrestricted and unhampered. You have an optimistic nature, so that it takes a lot to get you down; even when this does happen, you soon come bubbling back again. After all, with jovial Jupiter as your personal planet, it is not surprising that you laugh and smile more than most people.

You have an enthusiastic, colourful, even flamboyant personality, but you do have a tendency to be over-confident, over-optimistic and prone to exaggeration. These intemperate enthusiasms plus the volatility of your spirit, can sometimes lead you astray or put people off side. You are seldom subtle and certainly never devious, preferring instead I to be completely candid, open and frank, even to the point of bluntness. Just remember that your abrupt manner is not always understood by some of the reserved, conservative people with whom you come into contact.

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