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When Capricorn is your Rising Sign, you have all the hallmarks of a person who is practical, thorough, down-to-earth and responsible.

You work diligently in your employment, you have a great sense of purpose and, because you are very ambitious, once you set yourself to achieve something lasting and really worthwhile, you will never give up until you get it. Perseverance is one of your strong points. There is no other Sign that can match your ability to stick at something until the bitter end!

You are restrained and rather conservative in your outlook. Since you are inclined to take most things seriously (including yourself), you lack a vivid imagination and flights of fancy. Try to cultivate your sense of humour and not allow Capricorn's heavy-going, over- serious or even pessimistic outlook to overrule the joy of living. Deliberately put some fun into your life. Be willing to let your hair down now and then.

You are not the type of person who lives just for the moment because your Ascendant's ruler, Saturn, symbolises 'Old Father Time' and Capricorn represents age, wisdom and experience. Consequently, you plan for the future, especially in practical and monetary matters.

You are a thrifty person who can bear hardship and deprivation better than other Sign types. You seem to thrive on austerity and it gives you a feeling of satisfaction to be able to exist on the minimum. However, just be careful not to let selfishness, meanness and I narrow-mindedness develop as the years go by.

You are neither flippant nor superficial, and you are certainly not interested in a frivolous lifestyle. Instead, you are stable, reliable, serious-minded, sometimes sombre, patient, conservative and conventional. These are excellent qualities if you do not allow an over-cautious attitude to cramp your initiative, to prevent you from taking a chance to expand or to miss out on golden opportunities.

Because of your cautious nature, you are slow to make important decisions, preferring instead to take your time and consider all the ramifications of whatever you intend to do. Status is very important to you. Unfortunately, one of the negative aspects of this Sign is to make you judge people according to their rank and position in life. Unless you guard against it, you can be quite harsh towards people whom you regard as far beneath you.

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