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The Crab




When Cancer is your Rising Sign, you have an extremely sensitive, impressionable nature, which means that you can be very easily hurt by some of the things that other people say or do. You feel things very deeply.

If someone makes a critical or hurtful remark, you will go into your shell and brood about it for hours or even days. Consequently, you are subject to occasional fits of deep depression, and when they occur, you find it very difficult to lift yourself out of them. By exaggerating your problems, you are your own worst enemy.

Cancer is the sign of the home lover and the homemaker; you appreciate and really need the security of a home base. That department of your life is of paramount importance to you. In fact, you cannot feel truly happy within unless you have established a stable, peaceful, harmonious home front. You can certainly pursue a career or other interests, but these will always have to play second fiddle to your home and family life.

You do not normally seek the limelight, and although you don't always show it, you can be quite shy and timid, preferring not to take the initiative or to push yourself forward. However, this does not mean that you are weak. Far from it! In fact, you can be extraordinarily brave and resolute where your principles, morals and personal convictions are concerned. Just like the claws of your crab, you have amazing tenacity to hold on to your beliefs and goals, to persevere until you achieve your objectives.

Cancer, like the ocean tides that it governs, is changeable and fluctuating, always rising and falling. These qualities will be reflected in your life as moods, which are up one day and down the next. And just as water will always adapt itself to the shape of a container which holds it, you have the ability to adapt to changing conditions. You seem to be able to sense what cannot be heard or seen, and then you know how to respond accordingly.

Cancer, being the most maternal Sign of the Zodiac, makes you a very caring person who naturally likes to look after other people, especially family and loved ones. You also have an abundance of warmth, compassion and sympathy for anyone in trouble. You can be very persistent in the pursuit of your favourite goals and ideals, which will generally be of a rather conservative, orthodox type. Trendy fads and many new innovations often fail to appeal to you.

Unless there are other strengthening factors in your horoscope, this position of Cancer does not give a very robust constitution. It often points to a faulty function of the stomach or the digestive system.

Cancer is one of the three 'water' Signs, so you would probably derive much pleasure from living in a home close to water or the sea.

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