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The Scorpion




When Scorpio is your Rising Sign, it shows that you have very strong determination, together with fixity of purpose, a powerful will and a thoroughness of execution. When combined, these qualities make you a highly efficient person, capable of tackling even the most formidable of problems.

When you make up your mind to do something, you will let no-one and nothing stand in your way. You treat a challenge or an obstacle as something to be overcome; it creates an outlet for your dynamic inner force, which can be either constructive or destructive. In fact, Scorpio is closely related to the principle of death and destruction. Many children with this Ascendant Sign often take a delight in dealing sadistically with insects, animals and even their own possessions.

This influence can occasionally turn in on itself, just as a scorpion can sting itself to death when cornered. You may have a person who subconsciously wishes to destroy his or her own success and happiness, even to the point of suicide. There is an element of danger in Scorpio, which can often manifest as a serious illness or accident in the early years of childhood - say from the time of birth to the age of seven.

You are willing to work hard and long to achieve your objective, but being secretive, you do not normally divulge all your plans and methods. You may tell some of the facts but you always keep your trump card well hidden.

In almost everything you do, you demand a great deal of yourself and when in a position of authority, you expect the same from others. You can be a hard taskmaster. Consequently, you are likely to come up against some very harsh criticism unless you relax the reins of discipline and become more tolerant of other peoples' failings.

With Scorpio, there are no half measures. In whatever you do, you give it your all, whether it be working, playing, striving, fighting or loving. No-one can match the degree of drive and determination you put into every facet of your life, but there is one drawback to all this intensity of purpose: you are inclined to look on life as a battle to be won rather than as a mixture of happiness, pleasure, joy and love to be experienced to the full.

You have very strong likes and dislikes. Because you can be very fixed in your ideas, you are not easily persuaded to change your opinions or plans.

You have an intensely emotional nature and are capable of profoundly deep feelings. As long as your love-life runs smoothly, all is well. However, as you are an extremely possessive person, if your loved one should ever deceive you in any way, there will be hell to pay. Not only are you never likely to forget it - you are unlikely ever to forgive.

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