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The Fishes




When Pisces is your Rising Sign, very few people will be able to figure you out, because Pisces is the most complex Sign of the Zodiac. You are a born idealist fired by a most vivid imagination, and your warmth of heart, plus a supreme magnanimity, expands your sympathies and increases your devotion.

In your quest for your own impossible dream, you are not always in this world nor of this world. Constantly seeking perfection in life and love, you can visualise it internally, in your own imagination, yet you experience a deep frustration when you cannot duplicate it in physical reality. Notice how when things go wrong you tend to slip away from the sordid world of harsh reality into your own private world of dreams, your secret 'castle' of safety and protection, where no one can find you.

Since inspiration and intuition play a large part in directing your thoughts and actions, you live on a slightly more exalted plane than the rest of humanity. You are not the type of person to be guided solely by facts, reason, analysis and logic. Your judgement and many of your decisions are based on your feelings, emotions and intuition because, whether you realise it or not, you do have a strong sixth sense which can sometimes manifest as a definite psychic power. You should always follow your hunches, dreams and feelings because they will never let you down.

Though you have some wonderful ideas, and your imagination is always busily at work, plans and ideas are useless unless they are put into practice. This is where the influence of Pisces can be a hindrance: lacking self-confidence, you do not like to push yourself forward, with the result that many of your dreams remain unfulfilled.

You are hypersensitive and impressionable, sensing what is going on even if no word is spoken. It is very important for you to mix with the right kinds of people, because you can easily fall into the habit of doing as other people do and thinking as other people think, rather than being true to yourself.

Because Pisces rules the feet, you could have such problems as corns, calluses, bunions, fallen arches, or sore, swollen, cold or aching feet. Always take care to have correctly fitting shoes. As indicated by your symbol of the two fish swimming in opposite directions, the dualistic nature of this sign pulls you in two ways. You are, therefore, often very undecided about what to do. The whole nature of Pisces is receptive and impressionable; it is the negative polarity rather than the positive one. To counteract this, you must train yourself to be more forceful, outgoing, practical, self-determined and positive. Once you can do this, you will have the best of both worlds: reality and fantasy/romance.

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