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This rule applies to almost everything which means that you will appreciate architecture that is symmetrical, paintings which are in perspective and well balanced, music that is harmonious rather than discordant, landscapes which are soft and mellow instead of harsh and stark, clothes which balance and complement your looks and personality, and so on. Your immediate surroundings, and in fact your total environment, influences you greatly, and you will not be happy unless it is harmonious and elegant. Therefore, your home will always be tastefully decorated to suit your particular taste, and you will spare no expense when you see something 'special' which appeals to you. Your artistic and creative ability should never be neglected. You have a talent for such fields of endeavour as painting. interior decorating, jewellery, flower-arranging and other types of floral art, music, sculpture and creative design.

Even in your thinking and planning, you will usually take time to balance things out in your mind, weighing one aspect against another and taking a good look at both sides of any I situation. For this reason you appear to be indecisive to those people who make snap I decisions. They may lose patience with you, especially if you procrastinate, as you so often I do, when you are not satisfied with the balance and relationship of all the factors involved. Because of this tendency to procrastinate, many of your talents will probably lie dormant, and most of your good ideas will never be put into practice.

You are a very tactful person. Because serenity, peace and harmony are so all-important to your well being, you will never deliberately do anything to 'stir the pot' and cause trouble. You absolutely abhor any type of discord, tension or friction in the home or the workplace and especially in any close personal relationships. Consequently, you will run a mile from an argument. You will even be willing to tell a little white lie if you think it will avoid a confrontation.

You are supreme when it comes to diplomacy. You are a brilliant strategist, which means that after deciding on a particular goal you wish to achieve, you then select the person you consider will be most able to assist you, after which you manipulate that person into doing exactly what you want.

You have oodles of natural charm, and this position of Libra frequently indicates a beautiful woman or a handsome man, so almost inevitably, you will be attractive to other people.

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