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The Lion




Leo is your Rising Sign, you have an unmistakable air of self-confidence, authority, flair, style and innate power, all of which seem to radiate out to the people around you.

Leo is known as the 'Royal Sign', and providing there are no serious afflictions in other parts of the horoscope, it confers a noble dignity to both your personality and appearance. These characteristics are valuable assets to assist you in your climb up the ladder of success. Almost without effort, you have the ability to impress other people, and consequently, they respect you. However, unless nipped in the bud' these very assets, plus your natural flamboyance, can easily degenerate into a tendency to show off.

Leo is above all the Sign of grandeur and largesse, so your natural inclination is to do things on a grand and lavish scale. You think big, you live life to the full, and you cannot tolerate meanness, selfishness or pettiness in others.

Since Leo prefers to lead rather than follow, you will naturally aim for the top. With your love of status and high position comes the love of the accompanying trappings and perks. However, just be careful not to allow your professional and social prestige to engender an ostentatious attitude, which can be so obnoxious in other peoples' eyes.

Sometimes, this position of Leo can bring an excess of pride and vanity - some of the less favourable and negative aspects of the Sign. When this does happen, it usually stems from a frustrated desire to be the centre of attention. In spite of the fact that you are sell: reliant and self-possessed, your Leo Ascendant more than any other makes you thrive on appreciation, acclaim and flattery. You are definitely at your best. feeling fulfilled, when you receive recognition for your efforts.

You are frank, open, generous, kind and outgoing, genuinely willing to help whenever and wherever help is needed. Because you will always give so abundantly and unstintingly to people who need your support, it is not surprising that you are imposed upon time after time.

You succeed best and feel most comfortable when you are in a position of authority where you can use your organisational and administrative ability. However, because these skills involve a certain degree of power, it is all too easy for you to slip into the habit of dominating and even controlling other people, especially weaker types who look to you for assistance or guidance.

You are basically an optimistic person with plenty of faith and hope in the future. Therefore, you do not easily sink into moods of depression and despondency. You are very fond of pleasure and luxury, and no matter how limited your resources may be, you have a natural flair for making something ordinary appear rather posh! This is because you know the value of presentation, and you have the ability to accentuate the highlights.

Leo, more than any other, is the sign of the 'showman'.

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