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The Bull




Taurus is an earth Sign and as you know, earth is normally stable, solid and fixed. Therefore, when Taurus is your Rising Sign, it brings a dislike of too many changes. Your stable and sometimes inflexible mind complements a settled and predictable existence, with the result that any sudden, erratic, unorthodox or unexpected changes, events or conditions upset your love of peace and harmony.

You are very thorough, methodical and persevering in your work, which means that you can be relied upon to do the right thing. Your conservative, pragmatic attitude tends to limit your vision and imagination, however, for this reason you may judge things from a purely materialistic point of view.

Being a very down-to-earth person, you prefer facts, logic and reality to pipe dreams, idealism and flights of fancy. However, if by chance your work brings you in touch with fantasy and the world of imagination, you will use it not because you believe in it but because of the financial returns and business success it can bring.

You have a naturally affectionate, deeply loving nature and, since Venus is the planet of he arts, you are almost certainly fond of music, colour, and beauty in all its forms, paintings and artistic surroundings. You truly enjoy pleasure and living in luxury. You probably cannot resist lots of really good food. Because a regular amount of exercise and physical activity does not appeal to you, Taurus on the Ascendant gives a marked tendency to put on weight, especially in middle age.

Like the bull, you are slow to anger but, when finally stirred up, you are capable of violent outbursts and the most awesome fits of rage. There is no Sign of the Zodiac that can be more stubborn and determined to stay put than Taurus. This trait infuriates many people but, on the positive side, where sheer doggedness and constancy are desirable, you are supreme. Just watch that your stability does not drift into stagnation and your strength of character and determination become mere obstinacy.

Some of your troubles and difficulties in life could stem from your unreasonable resistance to change in matters of both human relationships and business. After all, strong prejudices are nothing more than fixed thoughts and opinions which control you and your if lifestyle To counteract this inflexibility, you must guard against allowing yourself to think and live in a groove. For there is no doubt that it is very easy for a person born with Taurus in the Ascendant to get into a rut and stay there.

You are possessive of the things and the people you love because they give you a sense of security and you also derive much pleasure from collecting beautiful things.

Because Taurus rules the neck and throat, there could sometimes be a problem with that part of the body or, alternatively, you may possess a distinctive voice for singing or speaking.

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