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Moon Signs

The Water Bearer


The Moon in this position makes you an intellectual, intuitive and intense. You have a wealth of ideas and a deep concern for other people's troubles. You have good powers of observation and an understanding and sympathetic nature. You are drawn to humanitarian beliefs such as the unity and equality of all men and women in New Age beliefs also hold attractions for you.

You have a love of freedom both in the wider political sense and personally. Human rights, animal liberation, Freedom from Hunger, Amnesty International and other campaigns capture your commitment to freedom from oppression in all its forms. You can be a tireless worker for such causes, so long as other people are doing the organising. On the personal level you demand a great deal of freedom from a partner. It is for this reason that people with the Moon in Aquarius take time to settle down to a steady personal relationship. Some Aquarians have difficulty with marriage vows, preferring common-law marriages to official and legal ties.

The eccentric or extraordinary attracts you. You take on new ideas easily. Not for you realism in art: you prefer the abstract. You have a certain indifference to the outer world, to the concrete and practical. You can retreat into daydreaming rather than getting on with the practical business of living. You are known for being a bit of an absent-minded professor! You really lack the practical application to bring your ideas into a form of action!

You have a playful and childlike quality about you. You also have a great sense of humour. You play with ideas on the verbal level. You need to curb a tendency to make others the butt of your natural wit and ironic perspective. You can hurt people's feelings unintentionally by being carried away with the witty riposte. As a parent you will give your children a great deal of personal freedom. You will expect them to be rebellious about authority, so will find it difficult to impose any limits on their behaviour. You will befriend your children instead. You will encourage them in the expression of their ideas, no matter how odd-ball or zany.

The child with the Moon in Aquarius will be a bit of a dreamer too. You will be picking up discarded toys and clothes all over the house. The Aquarian child has a lot of nervous energy to dispel and loves intellectual stimulation. It is off with the old and on with the new. These children need a great deal of encouragement to become grounded rather than flighty. They will give away their possessions to other children who do not have as much as they do. You need to encourage them to attend to some practical tasks around the home, but be careful. 'I just forgot' is the usual excuse for baths overflowing, or the iron being left face down on a shirt. You will need to both supervise and remind them of the practical results of forgetting. They can be reached by reason.

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