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Moon Signs


The Goat



The Moon in this sign gives you both patience and endurance. You have a strong sense of duty. This makes you a reliable partner, even if you find it difficult to readily express your feelings. You are not afraid of taking responsibility in either your career or your personal relationships. You have a sober and practical outlook on life.

Your disposition is basically pessimistic. You think you give more than you receive. There is something paternal in your attachments to others. Just as a father can care more for a child than appears, so in your expression of friendship or love there is an element of long-term care and concern.

You must learn to look on the bright side, and remind yourself that other people do give as well as take. You must learn, too, to be a little more outward in your expression of affection. You can have the reputation of being 'cold', which is not necessarily the case at all.

As a parent you will provide material security for your children. You can be a bit critical of them, and must watch a tendency to fault-find. You will spare no expense in their education. You have a deep interest in your own profession and would want this for your children. You can be relied upon to help them with homework, and to pay for extra tutoring should they run into trouble.

Capricorn Moon children have a reserved demeanour. They understand the value of cash from an early age, and are great hoarders of pocket money. When you run short of the milk money, they will help you out - with interest! They do not make friends easily, but the ones they do have are likely to be long-term. They need to be encouraged to express their feelings rather than bottle them up.


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