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Moon Signs

The Ram



The moon in this position indicates that you have an impulsive nature, and that your will is influenced by feeling. In matters of the affections you can be over-eager. The Aries in love races in where angels fear to tread. You have an excitable temperament and your emotions are easily stimulated. You can be very spontaneous in your actions and are usually optimistic as to their ultimate outcome.

You have a strong personality, and your determination and enthusiasm inspire others. You tend to consider that being sympathetic to a cause is a sufficient condition for its success. If that cause is the pursuit of a particular partner, you invariably think you will succeed. You find it difficult to handle a knock-back. You expect your feelings will carry others along with them, and find it difficult to realise that you sometimes come on too strong.

Your heart rules your head, and when your feelings are deeply moved, your mind is very open to another's ideas. You should guard against this, for although later on in a relationship your natural lucidity reasserts itself, your initial abandoning of judgement is likely to cause you some disappointments and disillusion.

You have a very independent mind and normally you resent interference from others. You have a quick temper and are impatient, particularly with those less energetic than you are. Although you can fly off the handle with little provocation, you always let others know exactly what is upsetting you. You can be a bit of a shouter. On the positive side, though, once the tantrum has passed it is quickly forgotten. You do not harbour resentments, but let others know exactly where they stand with you in the here and now.

As a parent you will need to guard against over-exciting younger children with your enthusiasms. Losing your temper over a crying child will only make the problem worse. Sleepless nights all round! Yet you do know how to set limits. The child with the moon in this position does not want to take no for an answer and can become a bit of a bully if not checked. You need to channel the will of the Aries child into creative or inventive pursuits.

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