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The Bull


The Moon in Taurus gives you a gentle disposition. You are thoughtful and kindly towards those who arouse your affections. Your emotions are not quickly awakened, but rather develop slowly and surely. Not for you the one night stand. Your emotional outlook tends to follow conservative lines. Perseverance is the keynote of your emotional life and you can be resourceful in unexpected difficulties.

You have a love of quiet reflection. You also have a love of all that adds beauty and comfort to life. Your moods can be soothed by good music, and you could well develop instrumental talent. You have the patience to practice, which is at least a start.

You cling tenaciously to acquired possessions, and can be a bit of a collector of fine china, stamps, and silver. You are constant and steadfast with those you love. You also hold firm to your own values. You natural slowness of emotional reaction can create a block in your being somewhat dogmatic in the heat of a domestic argument.

Taurus Moon children are usually sturdy and reliable. They are pleasure loving and are generally hearty eaters. They respond well to regular habits, regular sleep times, and regular meals. You could do worse than involve them in regular exercise, such as gym, football and basketball practice. The tendency to collect things, from marbles through to basketball cards, Derwent colour pencils and the like may show up early. They can also benefit from early training with music.

As a Taurus moon parent you will need to guard against being too conservative in your approach to child-rearing, as Taurus children can be as stubborn as you. They respond well to parents who are demonstrative as they thrive on affection. 

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