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The Moon in this position makes you one of the last romantics. You are an idealist where love is concerned and tend to put any partner on a pedestal. You are also a great sentimentalist: it is you who remembers to buy the roses on St Valentine's Day, and to celebrate the wedding anniversary with the appropriate gift - even if it is only the tin one!

You are extremely sensitive to the mood of your surroundings. You can immediately sense when another is miserable or unhappy. Your reaction is to offer help, and your natural kindness is greatly appreciated. The keynote of your emotional disposition is sympathy for others.

You tend to place a lot of emphasis on your own feelings. It is important to you whether courses of action 'feel' right. You can become oversensitive to others, taking on their feeling states as though they were your own. This can lead you into much needless worry. It can also lead you into unconditional yielding to a partner's wishes and desires. You have a tendency to drift, rather than make decisions to protect yourself from being exploited by others.

When the world seems harsh to you and you feel that your affection for others is not appreciated, you retreat into a world of fantasy. You usually have a hopeful or optimistic state of mind, but can be driven to fits of despondency by others. You can be easily discouraged and must avoid a tendency to self-pity and morbid preoccupation when things go wrong.

As a parent you will respond intuitively to the moods of your children. Your affection and kindness will reach them. You will need to say no occasionally, rather than indulge their every whim. They will find you easy to exploit unless you set sensible limits on how much running about you are prepared to do.

The child with the Moon in Pisces can be a bit of a cry-baby. Such children have no difficulty in expressing affection, but they do respond to bad vibes with distress signals. They also take on the colour of their surroundings and can be easily led by more dominant personality types in the playground. Their instinct is to go along with the prevailing mood, rather than say no. They can often be teased or bullied about their sensitivity, particularly if male. Their sensitivity can be a strength, but needs nurturing and protecting when young.

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