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The Moon in Libra gives you a great need for love and affection. You have the ability to vividly express your feelings and are very sociable. You are a good mixer. You are also very obliging. You tend to follow your partner's lead and this can lead you into trouble. You bend over backwards to see another's viewpoint and are a calming influence on those with problems. The result is that you sometimes make fateful relationships with people who do not necessarily share your values.

You have an even temperament and a cheerful disposition. You have a great deal of charm. You are sympathetic to others and are humane in your dealings with them. You never condemn another's behaviour or opinions outright. You are a good listener, and tend to weigh up their situation carefully. You rarely make decisive judgements but ask lots questions to find out more, before making up your mind.

This ability to see both sides of any question can create problems for you. You are a great ditherer, and can chatter on for hours without reaching a conclusion. This can drive your, friends or partners to despair. It can look to others like laziness, or procrastination, or sheer self-indulgence. You genuinely do, though, strive for a balanced and peaceful life. You can have problems coping with violence or aggression, as they are alien to your way of feeling.

As a parent you are affectionate with your children. You love telling them stories, or reading to them at bedtime. You will encourage them to be outgoing and sociable. Not for you leaving the child at home: you will want to include children in your social life and any important family events. You will find yourself ferrying children backwards and forwards to birthday parties, friends' houses, music lessons, sporting and theatrical events. You can run yourself ragged by being too obliging and not setting sensible limits.

Children with the Moon in Libra make friends easily. They usually begin to talk at an early age too! They will ask questions incessantly as they grow. They can be a bit absentminded, forgetting where they have left their favourite jumper or when they took off that new pair of socks. They can also forget to put things away, and can be a bit untidy. They crave intellectual stimulation, but are sweet-natured with it. They need to be encouraged to make simple decisions for themselves as they grow.

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