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Moon Signs


The Archer


The Moon in this position gives you a vivid inner life with many changing mood states You oscillate between idealism and despair. You can be the life and soul of the party one day, then in a total fit of despondency the next. You do, however, have the ability to bounce back up.

When you are up you are the supreme optimist, encouraging others to have fun. You have a great deal of vitality, which is not easily destroyed. You are a bit of a gambler both in affairs of the heart and in money matters, having learnt that you do have a lucky streak. You are an all-or-nothing kind of gambler, rather than a safe one. This week's housekeeping can go on the races. Your fits of despair are sometimes self-induced.

Generally speaking, your disposition is to perpetually seek for what is more or better in life. You strive for wisdom, and idealistic thoughts govern your actions. You love travelling, whether this be a walk in the country or a camping tour of Central Australia. You are gregarious, and enjoy the changes in contacts which travel brings. Your religious or metaphysical beliefs are not likely to be conventional: you can easily be persuaded by differing belief systems which promise a better life. You can be a bit susceptible to joining sects or cults which unite groups in a cause. The problem is that you are changeable, finding it difficult to remain constant to one particular set of ideals. You are sometimes accused of inconstancy.

Your ability to teach others is valued by others. You tend to talk and argue about religious or metaphysical matters, but usually in a pleasant way. There is nothing aggressive about your thirst for knowledge. You speak freely about your ideas and ideals, but never ram your opinions down another's throat. You can be a very persuasive talker. Some of the world's best scholars and teachers are born under this Sagittarian influence. But so are some of the world's best con men!

As a parent you will want to have fun with your children. Having good holidays together will be high on your agenda, and damn the expense. You will want to encourage your children in plenty of outdoor activity, including sport. You are particularly fond of animals, so the family pets will trail along, too.

Sagittarian Moon children will want to keep pets too. Strays will find a way to your door. Both dogs and horses could hold a great deal of appeal for them. These children are adventurous and outgoing. They can be accident-prone, so need careful monitoring. They can be off and away up the street the moment your back is turned. They are naturally gregarious and make friends easily.

their opposite Zodiac sign of Gemini. Physical restlessness can be replaced by the mental restlessness of the inquiring mind, willing to explore new trends, new philosophical perspectives. Striving for balance between the physical and the mental is a keynote of both signs.

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