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The Moon in Gemini gives you a love of change in both intellectual and emotional outlook. You have a keenness of intellect and a resourcefulness which results in a desire for mental stimulation. You have an intellectual force rather than an emotional sensitiveness, and are more likely to be attracted to partners who share your intellectual interests rather than those whom you find physically attractive.

You can suffer from a "disassociation of sensibility". Those who attract you physically might not match up in the intellectual department. Those you can actually communicate with may not be all that attractive physically. Getting the in-body problem to come together in matters of affection can take you a while!

Your emotional nature is restless. You do not like being tied down by those you love. You demand a certain amount of freedom in your relationship with others. This means that although you have vivid powers of expression with regard to feelings and sentiments, you can find yourself having many ups and downs and changes in associations.

The result of this changeability is that to those who know you well you appear fickle and disloyal. This is not necessarily the case. You are capable of great loyalty once you have made up your mind. For this reason, you should not contemplate marriage or long-term personal relationships until you have had a chance to "play the field".

As a parent you will be keen to encourage the intellectual development of your children. You will be keen to stimulate their verbal ability: books, film, the theatre and a well-rounded social life will be contributions you can make to their development.

The Gemini child also needs a rich imaginative life and to be encouraged in artistic pursuits. The child may not have the tenacity to stick at developing artistic interests, or may abandon one interest for another, which can drive you wild. You need to persist with helping such children find an outlet for creative expression.  

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