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Moon Signs

The Lion


One of the characteristics of the Moon in Leo is self-confidence. You are instinctively intuitive and creative. You have so much life force and moral courage that many weaker people gain material and/or spiritual support from you. You are often admired for these particular qualities. You have an honest sympathy for others, coupled with a great feeling of responsibility towards your immediate family and friends.

In love you are both passionate and generous to a fault. You shower gifts on those you love and it can be a bit overwhelming. Your strong organising power means that you want to take the lead in a relationship, rather than a back seat. You can be a bit vain, too. You like being the centre of your surroundings. The one thing that you cannot stand is ingratitude from those you love or help.

You are sociable and like mixing with the powerful, or those who have social status. You can be a bit of a snob. You may have many 'affairs of the heart', but will want a life partner from a good family background. You will not necessarily marry for money and position, but will marry where status and power are.

Your temperament is essentially aggressive, but this is softened by the affectionate side of your nature. You need to guard against being a bit overbearing in manner. Once your emotions have been aroused you remain loyal and steadfast in your dealings. Loyalty is, in fact, the keynote of your emotional life. You are an honourable partner in longer-term relationships.

As a parent you will want the best for your children. You will also want to organise their lives for them. You will be ambitious for them to succeed and to do well in school. You can come on too strong, and be terribly disappointed if children do not live up to your expectations. You see their success as your success, their failure as your failure. You need to guard against having too high expectations, and to curb a tendency to dominate.

Children with the Moon in Leo are into everything. They are inquisitive and creative in their play. They can also be hyperactive and have strong willpower. They do not like being curbed. They like being the best and the centre of the family's attention. They love to show off. They need to be monitored carefully, and their inquisitiveness redirected into safer forms of play.

If you turn your back, they can be into shoving toast into the VCR recorder or poking pencils into the power switches. The 'terrible twos' really are exhausting for the parent of a Leo Moon child. You will need to think up deflection strategies to channel their creative energy positively when small. Fortunately, they also become independent faster than others.

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