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Moon Signs


The Scorpion


The Moon in Scorpio gives you a fighting spirit influenced by emotional undercurrents. You have strongly pronounced likes and dislikes. You live at a high pitch of emotional intensity. You have a certain pride and are ashamed to admit defeat in anything you undertake. Once your feelings are aroused you will go through hell and high water to gain the affections of someone you desire. You can be a very possessive lover, too!

You have a strong libido, and the fulfilment of your sexuality can be a driving force behind your actions. You tend to hold what others would term peculiar moral and social ideals. Your personal magnetism means that others are drawn into your ambit, so the chances are that you could have many offers. You must exercise special self-control in the choice of partners, as you could be tempted into promiscuity, with its attendant health risks.

You cannot bear other people meddling in your affairs. You can become very sarcastic towards those who try to do this. You cannot abide criticism of your actions, because you hold fast to your ideals and try to live by them. That these are unusual, or out of the common rut is an important part of your identity. You are ambitious. You can become secretive and sly if pushed by a possessive partner to account for your actions. You can equally become suspicious and jealous of a partner's loyalty. It is sometimes a case of the pot calling the kettle black!

You may find yourself attracted to ideas which deal in the secret and the arcane. ESP, occultism, metaphysics will interest you as you mature, as will branches of psychology, too. The unusual draws you in.

As a parent you will be ambitious for your children. You will also be a bit possessive of their affections, and somewhat sarcastic about the friends they make. You will find that you are competitive with children of the same sex as yourself and strict with them. Those of the opposite sex will twist you around their little finger! Many a Scorpio Moon male has a thoroughly indulged daughter, and a resentful son. You need to strive for more balance in your dealings with children.

Children with a Scorpio Moon are just as intense and as ambitious as you are. They cannot be shamed into complying with your will, because they have a will of their own. Their reaction to displays of parental power is to go underground, clam up and become secretive. Or to lash out with aggression. They can be reached by affection and frank and honest discussion. You need to keep the lines of communication open with such children. They can overestimate themselves and be difficult to control.

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