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Moon Signs


The Crab



The Moon in this position gives you a somewhat over-emotional attitude to life. Every emotion you experience is stored away. You have a tendency to spend time reliving your memories of emotionally charged events, and to go over them again and again.

You are abnormally sensitive to the emotional states of people with whom you come in contact. You do not read the obvious: the statements people make about themselves with their dress or their language. You read whether they are stressed or in trouble despite the sophisticated or elegant come-on. You can be easily hurt by the indifference of others who do not read emotional states as well as you do. You hide away resentments and disappointments, not daring to bring these out in the open for fear of upsetting others. You bottle things up, and you never forget a wrong done to you.

You have an affectionate nature and a strong family spirit. A stable and simple home life is important to you. It offers you protection from the seeming hardness of the outside world. But family life has its ups and downs, too. You can be upset for days over a domestic dispute which others shrug off with ease. Outright rows amongst family members or about family matters can lead to digestive disorders. You feel it in the guts. Your tendency to fret can lead to a waste of both emotional and nervous energy. You need to learn to say when you are feeling hurt or upset.

As a parent you are very protective of your children. You have a strong dislike of change and are conservative in your child-rearing practices. You like to know who your children are associating with, and whether their friends' families have good solid values. You can be a bit over-protective and need to guard against this tendency.

Children with the Moon in Cancer are highly impressionable and home-loving too. They need support for their intuitions about feelings as they grow. But they also need to form relationships outside the home to achieve a balanced life. They can be fearful of venturing out into new and different experiences with others. They need to be helped to do this, rather than become brooders tied to the safety and security of their home base.

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