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Australia's Dreamtime Astrology



The Dingo

April is the Month of the Dingo


Many starry nights have passed since Dingo man, whilst out searching for food, met up with Native Cat man. They circled each other warily, each showing how tough they were, yet secretly afraid of what the other might do. Dingo could not take his eyes off Cat's sharp claws, whilst Cat looked uneasily at Dingo's strong white teeth. Many hours went by and the hot afternoon Sun rose high, so they sought the shade of a Banyan tree, taking care to keep out of each other's way. Dingo man asked where Cat man came from and Cat replied he lived amongst the trees. Cat told Dingo he had seen him on many occasions running about on the plains and it was a pity Dingo could not climb. Dingo was a little annoyed with Cat's sarcasm, and told Cat at least he didn't have to sneak into the trees to hide, because he was strong and smart and able to look after himself. Cat told Dingo he might be stronger but strength is not everything. He added that anyone who comes back to life after he is dead fears no one. Dingo was a little confused and asked Cat who was able to come back to earth once their spirit had left their body. Cat replied that he could return and Dingo just laughed at him, calling him a drongo. Cat was furious at Dingo and said he would show Dingo if he did not believe him. As quick as a blink, he jumped to his feet and told Dingo, 'Take out your knife and cut off my head!' Cat knelt down and placed his neck on an old tree stump and told Dingo to go for his life and chop. Dingo did just that and Cat's head rolled across the sand and the body lay limp on the other side of the log. Three days passed. Dingo thought nothing more of stupid Cat. He lit his fire and camped in the bush shelter he had built.

During the deep, dark hours of the night, Dingo awoke with someone calling out his name. The voice came from out of the darkness and, as Dingo looked up into the sky, the voice again boomed out, this time from the direction of the stars. Out of nowhere, and to the surprise of Dingo, Cat reappeared. He stood in front of trembling Dingo.   'I told you I would return,' said Cat. 'Don't be afraid. All you have to do is believe that you will come back. Let me show you.' Cat pushed Dingo down on the ground and with one swift slice of his knife; he severed Dingo's head from his body. It's a pity Dingo didn't have time to believe, thought Cat, as he buried Dingo's head in a hole. Willy Wagtail says it was the Native Cat man who taught men to bury their dead and gave them hope of reincarnation. But Dingo knew nothing of this. He became an animal destined to live out his days hunting in the arid desert lands, lacking the confidence he had when he was a man, having no hope of returning to earth after he is dead.


Dingo Month People

If you were born in the month of the Dingo, you are intensely independent in your daily routine and prefer to have things done in your own way. You are at your best when you encourage the constructive and creative side of your nature. Self-restraint, calmness, coolness and consideration for the feelings of others are not your virtues. Willpower, determination and obstinacy of purpose make you a fighter with dauntless courage, enthusiasm and zeal. You possess a strong sense of your own worth. However at times you may be quite selfish, with a tendency to become absorbed in your own little world and personal interests, rather than other people. You love approbation. When given added responsibilities, you are tireless in your efforts and pursuits, thus becoming an asset to your employer. Asking you to do something is fine, but you resent being driven into situations, or told what to do. You may even throw in the towel if superiors push you too far, and take revenge by being a little deceptive if necessary.

A good education is important for your wellbeing, and your career must provide self-determination and freedom to perform your duties in your own way. You may be attracted to banking, administration, property management, commodity futures, advertising, naval architecture, local government, the timber industry, television, film and other media, building trades, hairdressing/beauty culture, town planning, agriculture, copper smithing, medicine, meteorology or religion. You are incredibly perceptive and intuitive, able to sense others quite accurately. With practice, you can enhance your prophetic tendencies into the fields of metaphysics or naturopathy studies. You have a natural understanding of values, along with a positive approach to material things, including property, real estate and personal possessions. Others will see you as a person who can accomplish things, and your personal refinement may lead you into artistic, cultural and community affairs. You may be drawn to clubs, groups and organizations that benefit the community at large.

Your nature is somewhat changeable. Your mind can switch from one interest to another as mundane affairs can bore you. You need a daily challenge to keep your enthusiasm alive, and you will always be alert for new ideas and schemes, enticing you to embark on new opportunities and enterprises. Gaining recognition for your achievements is important to you, and your enthusiasm allows you to persist in reaching your goals. You have a yearning for excitement, mental and physical, for over stimulation. You have a strong constitution, but a tendency to go to extremes. Relaxation and lessening the strain are important to your health; otherwise you will suffer the consequences. When you like a person, you like them deeply and form close personal attachments. Your magnetic personality will attract everyone from saints to sinners and in most cases you will always try to be pleasant because you truly enjoy people. You can show a warm heart and affectionate nature to those you love, although you will not stand for possessiveness, restrictiveness or limitation from your partner. Your success throughout your destiny will be increased by your talents in making a good impression on people, saying the right thing at the right time and keeping your impulses under control. Sports and open-air activities are highly recommended for you as they will widen your outlook, increase your tolerance and at the same time give you an outlet. You are at your best when you become in one way or another actively engaged with people.


Dingo Karmic Treasures

Lucky Gemstone: Garnet

Colour: Scarlet

Herbs: Tree Orchard, Garlic, Horse Radish, and Watercress

Totem Tree: Flame Tree

Flower: Tiger Claw


Famous Dingos

Jerry Seinfeld, Barbara Streisand, Al Pacino, Michelle Pfeiffer, Cher, Alec Baldwin, Russel Crowe,
Queen Elizabeth II, David Letterman


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