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Australia's Dreamtime Astrology



The Lizard

September is the Month of the Lizard


Long before reptiles became common, a small boy suddenly appeared from nowhere in an isolated village. No one knew where he came from. The people who lived at the camp were so far from another tribe that it was impossible for him to have come from a neighbouring encampment. Had he been lost when he strayed from his family on walkabout? That was the likely explanation. The elders were quite amazed, as the boy could speak their tongue without any difficulty. Elders and the women of the camp without success questioned him. They could not make head or tail of the boy's situation. It was all a mystery. After a time, the boy was accepted into the tribe and given the name of 'The Boy from Nowhere'. It was difficult for members of the tribe not to like him; he played with other children and did everything that was expected of him. However, there was always something strange, different or mysterious about this boy. At night he would often wander off on his own into the dark night, whereas the others were afraid to venture away from the camp in the event that something was lurking in the dark beyond the light of the campfire.

The tribe's food supplies began to dwindle away mysteriously. The headman lost a new spear, another lost a Woomera, while other small objects such as gum, bone needles, headbands and knives were constantly going missing. The only objects that did not go astray were those things reserved for sacred ceremonies. The stealing became so serious the elders decided to lay a trap. The culprit was soon discovered. The Boy from Nowhere had been stealing out of the humpies and was found in possession of a dilly-bag filled with stolen contents. A severe beating was the recommended punishment from the elders, a thrashing with a spear. Just as two big men from the tribe were about to hold and thrash the boy, something strange happened. The boy slipped out of the arms of his captors and, within seconds, grew taller than the tallest man in the tribe. The man who was going to thrash him got such a fright he dropped the spear, which pierced the foot of the boy. Immediately, the boy doubled in size and grew higher than the trees around the encampment. The tribe's medicine man, the wirinum, prepared special spells to chase the evil spirits away. The men of the camp threw spears at the giant boy- the strongest man in the tribe aimed a bone spear right into and through the boy's heart. Like a falling tree, he crashed to the ground and lay still. 'We must bury him,' said the wirinum. 'It would do us much harm if the evil spirits that possessed this boy were to lie near this camp.' The medicine man and the tribe decided to cover the corpse in bark, and the medicine man began his spiritual magic chant. The next morning the chief of the tribe lifted the bark. The body was nowhere to be seen! As the bark was thrown to the side, out ran a tiny, four-legged creature with a long tail. It ran over the stones and hid between them. Its hiding place could not be found, but from that day on small lizards became so common no one ever remarked on them again. Nor did anyone except the wirinum connect them with the boy.


Lizard Month People

If you are born in the month of the Lizard, you give the impression of being aloof, shrewd, discriminating, diplomatic, and quietly active. You are usually cautious and discerning about those you associate with and, as a rule, you are not easily imposed upon or deceived. You show an appreciation for law, order, system and discipline. Nervousness and worry are two of your favourite pastimes. You can be harsh and critical and like to analyse and reason things closely. Deep down you can be extremely kind and sympathetic, but you fear the unknown. Your criticism can be embarrassing to yourself and others. You quickly notice things out of place and will, in most cases, try to correct them. You are always making work for yourself. Your home is usually your castle and you have excellent taste in decoration, colour and furnishings. Although you make a great organiser, you do have difficulty taking the lead and originating things. Success will come to you in any plan or work that appeals to you or in things that others have failed to finish. Careers such as arbitration, nursing, pharmacy, secretarial work, computer programming, physiotherapy, editing, fashion, clerical work, librarianship, archive management, teaching, stage production, conference organising, public relations, travel, credit bureaus, theological research or lecturing, sales and marketing, leather goods manufacturing, navy service, writing, scientific research, telecommunications, banking, horse training, translating, or working as a chef would certainly bring you success. When you become wrapped up in your own little world, selfishness can prevail, causing animosity and enmity. In most cases you will have your wits about you and are generally methodical, logical, self-possessed and self-reliant. Unfortunately, you go to extremes over matters, making you a nitpicker and perfectionist in everything you do. You will develop a love for money and will stop at nothing to accumulate it. In early life you can be intentionally virtuous and pure-minded but, as you mature, you will become more changeable, moody and, in extreme cases, if you do not take control of yourself, addicted to alcohol and drugs with a vengeance.

Your health is basically sound, but due to your nervousness you are vulnerable to all types of stress-related illnesses. You may appear to others as a hypochondriac. You can be very refined in your taste for food, clothes and surroundings. Harmony is very important to you. Your biggest fault is your lack of self-confidence. You are often held in check by innate conscientiousness. It will always be a struggle for you to make up your mind. Your nature is to discern all points of view before taking a positive line of action. Decisiveness and self-confidence are what you may need to develop for best success. In most cases, you will endeavour never to permit emotions or feelings to interfere with your reasoning. You usually control your emotions and are seldom swept off your feet by your feelings. You prefer not to follow the crowd. You possess a strong will and determined action. You may be an avid reader or prefer to escape with your fantasies through a good movie or theatrical play. This is perhaps the reason you enjoy listening to a good speaker or attending lectures and classes. Throughout your life you should endeavour to cultivate your faculties of appreciation, to be more tolerant, patient and merciful in your criticism. Security is important to you and you have good business ability. Your financial situation will never run smoothly. Your best way of earning an extra dollar is to invest in real estate or property development. As you grow old you will always be young at heart.


Lizard Karmic Treasures

Lucky Gemstone: Sapphire

Colour: Teal Green

Herbs: Pituri, Fennel, Summer Savoury

Totem Tree: Banksia

Flower: Gardenia


Famous Lizards

Michael Douglas, Angie Everhart, Hugh Grant, Linda Gray, Prince Harry, Meat Loaf, Ricki Lake,
Harry Connick Jnr., Mickey Rourke, Sophia Loren


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