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Australia's Dreamtime Astrology



The Emu

October is the Month of the Emu


Ngindyal was a giant sorceress who, over the years, killed many people and ate them. She looked very bird-like, with the shape and feathers of an enormous emu. She established her nest at Wambagruk and laid one huge egg on which she sat, day after day, night after night. One day cheeky Crow flew into her nest and disrupted Ngindyal's peace. She was so annoyed she jumped up off the nest and, with her giant legs, strode across the land chasing Crow as fast as she could. Crow got such a fright; he slipped into a crack in the side of a mountain to hide. Ngindyal immediately lifted her giant leg and, with one hard kick, split the rock in two. Ngindyal chased Crow for miles and split mountain after mountain trying to catch him but Crow eventually found sanctuary in his spirit waters, where Ngindyal could not intrude, so she returned to her nest. Many days later Crow met the Bram-bam-bult brothers and told them how he had outrun the Ngindyal. The brothers were keen to avenge the deaths of many of their people who had been caught and eaten by the Ngindyal, so they asked Crow where they could find her.

The three brothers travelled far and wide across the land with Crow in search of the legendary giant until, in the distance, they saw a bright, shining star. The Crow said, 'that is her eye. She is sitting on her nest.' The three circled the nest and as she noticed the brothers intruding, she leaped to her giant feet to attack them. Fortunately, the brothers were quick and stabbed her with their spears, causing a loss of blood. She weakly ran down to the plains. When Witygurk, the lark, saw the Ngindyal coming, pursued by the Bram-bam-bult's, he came out covered in camouflage. As Ngindyal approached within range, he threw his spear with all his force, striking her in the chest, and she died. The Bram-bam-bult's then split each feather of the Ngindyal down the middle, putting one half of the feathers on the right hand side and the other half on the left, making two heaps. One of the heaps was converted into a cock and the other heap to a hen of the present race of emus, which are much smaller than Ngindyal. They also arranged, through their chants and sorcery, that all future emus would lay a number of eggs instead of one.

The splitting of the feathers is still easily noticeable in the double feathers of all emus today, which consist of two independent shafts. All the tribe folk journeyed to Wambagruk to fetch the giant egg. However, they soon discovered that no one could lift the huge egg, until Babim'bal, the wattlebird, came. He picked it up and flew it back to the camp, where the tribe had a big feast. The nest in which the large egg lay is still visible at Wambagruk. The Ngindyal spirit now occupies a group of stars in the Southern Constellation.


Emu Month People

If you were born in the month of the Emu, you are refined, intuitive, artistic, a lover of pleasure, beauty and elegance. Perceptiveness is your second name. You seem to have the ability to intuitively understand what is going on around you, and you are always trying to arrive at an impartial judgement. Reasoning is important to you; you very often stand up for your own rights. However, when you become negative and despondent, you compare, criticise, and pick other people to pieces and gossip. Usually you will have a good command of vocabulary. Expressing yourself to others is easy for you and you will always strive to say something significant. You have a way of convincing people you are important to them. You truly believe in yourself and your ability to serve the public with dedication. You are somewhat restless or nervous and need to keep busy and active. Your alertness to new ideas, plans or affairs keeps you from becoming bored with a set routine. Studies or higher education may appeal to you. Certain subject matter may have you researching for many years and, in particular cases; you may turn a hobby into a paying proposition or career.

Lofty idealism and high moral principles make up part of your personality and, being positive in your decisions, you don't usually proceed with your plans unless there is solid proof of the possible outcome. You would succeed in creative or service careers that bring you before the public, such as fashion, beauty, sales/marketing, interior design, law, public relations, music, theatre, amusement park management, antique or art dealing, perfumery, stationery sales, religious studies, astrology, restaurant management, waitress, health and diet promotion, broadcasting, auctioneering, cleaning, computer analysis, receptionist work, the foreign service, graphic designing, geological research or poultry farming. In love and affection you are not as demonstrative as you appear on the surface. You can be extremely analytical, indecisive-at times a butterfly. Throughout your destiny you may question the importance of a permanent relationship and, at times, suffer from disillusionment and disappointment. You enjoy great popularity with others. Although you seem to have an assortment of many friends, you really keep very much within yourself.

Money will come and go throughout your destiny. At times you will have little regard for money, yet financial security will be an important issue. You have the ability to make large amounts of money. Unfortunately, you will have difficulty holding on to it. With your big heart, you tend to be a sucker for a sob story or you may become a big spender, wanting to make that big impression on everyone you meet. You can always be found observing and comparing at a sale, bazaar, fashion show, club, restaurant, theatre, social event or official function. Always remember to put some money away for your advanced years or a rainy day. At some time in your destiny, you will regret being so overgenerous to others. You seem to look upon the world from a very refined and idealistic standpoint and normally have little to fear mentally or physically. Problems or adverse conditions seldom bother you for long. Your overall optimistic attitude helps build a bulwark against future adversity. It is important for you always to keep personal secrets or confidential matters to yourself. You may blab out some small, classified detail that may be your downfall. Impulsiveness is something you may need to control. Good organization and constructive expression can enable you to use your positive personality to your full advantage. At times you need rest and relaxation when conditions prove to be too excitable. You should set time aside for daily meditation, physical gym exercise or swimming. Your most persistent opponent will always be yourself. Learning life's lessons will never be a problem for you. Keep a good balance in life.


Emu Karmic Treasures

Lucky Gemstone: Emerald

Colour: Green

Herbs: Native Raspberry, Juniper, and Angelica

Totem Tree: Mulga

Flower: Camellia


Famous Emus

Carole Lombard, Walter Matthau, Kevin Kline, Susan Sarandon, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Julia Roberts,
Chevy Chase, Kate Winslet, Bill Gates, Lauren Holly


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