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The Echidna

November is the Month of the Echidna


Many star patterns have changed since the Big Drought. All the animals were thirsty and water was in short supply. Everyone believed Echidna had a secret store of water and was keeping it all for himself but no one actually knew where the storage was located. Bimba-towera, the finch was told by his elders to follow Echidna wherever he went, to find the location of the hidden reservoir. Bimba followed his instructions. Wherever Echidna went, Bimba followed close behind. The wily little anteater knew very well why he was being followed. He said nothing and went about his business, burrowing into the earth with his powerful claws. Soon he buried himself out of sight. Bimba cautiously put his head into the hole to see what was going on, but withdrew as the soil collapsed around him. Bimba returned to the camp and told all the other animals of his failure. Everyone was at a loss to know what to do next. Not one of them was equipped to dig beneath the earth like Echidna. Tiddalick, the frog offered to help. He was a cunning fellow who also wanted to know where Echidna kept his storage of water as he had shrunk from lack of moisture. Tiddalick was much more cunning with his movements than Bimba. He was ideal for the job and so he was chosen. Echidna knew that Tiddalick was up to no good. The frog would sit around in the reeds making out he was minding his own business but spying on Echidna at the same time.

Seizing an opportunity whilst Tiddalick was busily engaged in catching a fly, Echidna headed for his secret waterhole. It was concealed by a large flat stone, which he lifted. He then prepared to lower himself down into the well. In spite of his apparent disinterest, Tiddalick had been watching Echidna's every move. As soon as the stone was removed from the hole, Tiddalick sprang from the reeds in a single bound and dropped headfirst into the hole. Echidna got quite a fright and asked Tiddalick what on earth he was doing in his hole. Tiddalick gave Echidna a scolding, telling him he was cheating on all the other animals, which needed water desperately. By this time, all the animals had arrived, and the first thing they did was have a drink. Then they turned on Echidna and threw him into the thombush. Once all the animals had left. Echidna dragged himself out of the thombush but was never able to remove the spines from his back. Bimba-tower, the finch, spread all the gossip about Echidna around the various camps, but Echidna didn't mind. Actually the animals had done him a favour. No one will ever pick on the spiny anteater, ever again, unless they want 'lots of spiny trouble'.


Echidna Month People

If you were born in the month of the Echidna, you are a determined individual, very critical, cautious, reserved and cunning. There is a silent watchfulness about you, something unfathomable. You possess a hard, driving power in your work and daily affairs. What you demand from others you can usually do yourself, but you need to be aware of your extremist tendencies: emotions versus intellect and commonsense. Romantic affairs and self-indulgent activities may divert you at some stage of your destiny from your chosen goals. You are by nature too adaptable to those with whom you are thrown in contact. In consequence, you often suffer from the faults of others.

You have quietness and a sense of calm about you, especially in adverse situations. With your ability to communicate with others you will always have power over them, able to sway them in any direction you please? Some people look at you as a selfish, stubborn individual with no feelings. For others, however, at heart you are a great humanitarian, extremely generous, self-motivated and self-sacrificing. You can always be relied upon in an emergency or crisis situation. You are more emotional and loving than others give you credit for. It is only those who have known you over a long period of time who believe and support your every move. There is a certain amount of complexity in your nature due to the emotional and aggressive stimulus of your individuality and the practical side of your personality. Care should be taken in conversation with others. You can easily raise your social flag of injustice when you spot untruths or corruption or when you see people taking liberty with the law or politics. With your strong-willed, self-confident, somewhat direct manner, your temper can rise at the slightest provocation, resulting in disappointment and embarrassment for yourself and others. Your happiness depends on cultivating a good sense of humour. You must resist the tendency to be too cynical, smart, clever or dogmatic in your speech. Your personality and mood are always changeable, despite your ability to feel confident and sure of yourself. One good thing you have to your advantage throughout your destiny is that you will always pull your foot from the door before it slams on your toes.

Care should be taken with money. You are inclined to be extravagant and overgenerous and prefer a lavish lifestyle. Money seems to burn a hole in your pocket, but what you lose on the swings, you pick up on the round a bout. Money will always be drawn to you somewhere, somehow. You would find happiness and success in the following careers or professions: Advertising, sales and marketing, public relations, medicine, investment consultancy, secretarial work, cooking, chef, police, military and government service, the butcher's trade, mechanical engineering, clerical work, the electrician's trade, hotel management, farming, alternative healing, media, theatre, music, astrology, literature or anything that engages your mind. You will be successful in any career you call your own. At some time in your destiny you will have curious reversals of fortune and will be slandered, with false rumours and stories circulated about you.

It will always be a battle of a life for you and you should watch for the unusual, the sudden or unexpected. You may even lead a double life, hold two jobs, run two businesses, have two sources of income. At some stage in your life you will encounter metaphysical subjects, either directly or indirectly, or you may develop your own intuition to the degree that it may be used in writing, painting, poetry, music or design. In most cases you will encounter difficulty in your early years; however, success is guaranteed in your later life through your own willpower and determination. You will always have high principles and a strong sense of humour. Your success and happiness depend on assuring constructive action and expression.


Echidna Karmic Treasures

Lucky Gemstone: Amethyst

Colour: Blue

Herbs: Milk Thistle, Chives, and Tarragon

Totem Tree: Morton Bay Fig

Flower: Hydrangea


Famous Echidnas

Whoopi Goldberg, Goldie Hawn, Jamie Lee Curtis, Danny De Vito, Leonardo Di Caprio, Jodie Foster, Prince Charles, Larry King, Don Lane, Demi Moore


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