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Australia's Dreamtime Astrology



The Kangaroo

December is the Month of the Kangaroo


On the full moon eclipse, many star years ago, a woman who was sick and tired of preparing food for her husband and family, with no time to herself, decided to abandon her children and run away from the camp whilst her husband was away hunting. She ran across the plains until she came to the hills, where there was a stream of water and a pleasant valley in which she could shelter from the hot sun and the cold night wind. She dared not light a fire in the event her hiding place should be discovered, but she had her dilly-bag filled with cooked roots, grubs and meat. She stayed in the valley for many days. Sometimes she would climb to the top of the mountain and look across the plain. One day she saw a tiny black thing like an ant moving across the plains, and she knew it was her husband. She smiled because she had concealed her tracks so well she knew her husband would never find her. Many moons had gone by and she decided he must have given up the search. Her food bag was empty except for the fire-making sticks she had brought with her. She had no hunting weapons, nor the skill to use them, but there were plenty of edible roots in the valley, green vegetables and fat grubs to provide her with fresh food to keep going.

The night fell and she made a camp and fell asleep near the fire. Unknown to her, her husband had not given up the search. He was camped close to the foothills. He saw the glow of the fire in the distance, and the next morning he followed the narrow thread of smoke billowing from the trees, beckoning to him. The sun was high when he reached the sheltered valley. He hid behind a rock, watching his wife lifting bark from a tree, searching for her favourite grubs. He stepped out from behind the rock and walked towards her. She immediately fled to the nearby shelter of a clump of trees, putting distance between herself and her husband. A broken stump of a tree gave promise of a good hiding-place. She crouched behind it, grasping it in her arms and pressing her body against it. Her husband lost sight of her but followed the footprints she had made. The footprints wound between the trees and led to the stump. For a moment he was puzzled. The stump was in the open, but he could not see his wife hiding behind it. He looked more carefully and it was then he caught sight of her black arms silhouetted against the white trunk where the bark had dropped off. He walked to her confidently, but had not reckoned with the magic words she had remembered. As he approached the stump he heard a loud crack. The tree stump lifted itself off the ground with the woman still clinging to it and started down the valley in leaps and bounds.

Although the husband chased his wife and the stump for miles, he had to give up. He was out of breath, sore and tired. He was forced to watch his wife hopping across the plain until she was lost to sight. Willy-Wagtail says, 'Every time you see a kangaroo leaping on its strong legs, know that it has descended from this woman who knew of magic spells.' Unfortunately, she did not know the spell to release her from the tree stump. She continued to hop and jump all over the place until the stump became part of her. Her legs grew long and her arms became short and wizened because they had nothing to do except to keep the tree pressed close to her body.


Kangaroo Month People

If you were born in the month of the Kangaroo, you have a marked individuality and prefer to attack life and everything you undertake with enthusiasm. At times you can be very decisive and extremely outspoken and, in consequence, make many enemies. Your know-it-all attitude can make you a braggart or a would-be-if-you-could-be. You always seem to concentrate your attentions and energy on whatever you are doing at the moment and can be quite stubborn and selfish about finishing off what you start. Overall you are very optimistic, cheerful, honourable and loyal to your friends and family. Your prophetic nature makes you very intuitive, and you should always go on your gut feelings; in most cases you will be correct with your prognosis. Impatience can be your downfall. You may have a bad habit of interrupting others when they speak or breaking into conversations when you are not asked. People who ponder everything and procrastinate will certainly frustrate you. You are brutally truthful and will unmask any attempt to deceive others, even if it is against your own interests. There is a keen sense of justice in everything you undertake. You would succeed in careers like law, government, foreign service, immigration, adventure, the religious missionary life, military service, medicine, social welfare, teaching, computer technology, media, sales and marketing, advertising, horse breeding, farming, travel, arts, music, oil and gas supply, construction, real estate development or promoter.

You have a great versatility and are inclined to go to extremes in everything you do. At times you will make impulsive decisions that you will soon regret, but your ego will be too proud to acknowledge your errors. If you do not succeed with your chosen venture throughout your destiny, there will be a tendency for you to throw your ambitions out the window and start all over again in a completely new direction, or do something outlandishly different. Morally, you have no fear and are a great lover of liberty and freedom of speech. Basically, you are obliging and seek the company of all types of people. You are a splendid companion, with a good sense of humour. Home and security may face some strange circumstances as you progress through life. If your permanent relationship becomes unhappy, you will make the best of it under the circumstances or seek another for your emotional fulfilment. Underneath your tough exterior you are quite emotional and soft hearted to those for whom you have feelings. This is why you are attracted to humanitarian or reform work for the good of others. Your fondness for variety and change will draw you to sport, outdoor activities, cultural pursuits, theatre, exploring or escaping into the outback or overseas.

At some time in your destiny, philosophical or metaphysical subjects may either interest you or influence your life for some reason. Trading, business propositions, wheeling and dealing, making new plans and arrangements, and social activities will continually influence your daily routine. Life will never be static. Most of your lessons in life will be through people and money. You can be very uncertain, restless and nervous when subjected to a too rigid discipline or routine. You will succeed in life by developing steady concentration and using your talents constructively and effectively. There is considerable difference between your inner individuality and your outer personality. Awareness of this difference will enable you to make your life's ideals practical and realistic. You have the energy and promotional talent to succeed in any field of endeavour you wish to call your own.


Kangaroo Karmic Treasures

Lucky Gemstone:  Topaz

Colour:  Blue

Herbs:  Soap Bush, Coriander, and Sage

Totem Tree: Coolabah

Flower:  Lemon-scented Myrtle


Famous Kangaroos

Kim Basinger, Ben Kingsley, Tina Turner, Brad Pitt, Denzel Washington, Kim Beazley, Jane Fonda, Katie Holmes, Bette Midler


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