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The Platypus

June is the Month of the Platypus


Many Moons have passed since the days all the ducks lived together in a secluded river pond in the lush grasslands. They seldom ventured away from their home for fear of Mulloka, the water devil. Amongst the ducks was a young female who never ever listened to the advice of her elders. One early morning, whilst everyone was going about their daily routine, she floated quietly out into the stream and drifted along until she reached a patch of green grass. She came close to the bank, waddled up the steep slope and nestled down to enjoy the quiet peacefulness and her freedom. Unfortunately, she had chosen her resting place on the roof of the home of the water rat. Hearing the noises above, Kurumburt, the water rat, came out to investigate and discovered the young duck.

Kurumburt was overjoyed, because for such a long time he had been lonely in his riverside home. He crept up behind her and whispered, 'Welcome to my home, my lovely darling. I have been waiting such a long time for you to arrive.' Duck shrieked, flapped her wings and struggled to break away and get to the river. The Water Rat was annoyed. He prodded her with his spear and dragged her into his hideout. Duck was so afraid she tried to quack, but no sound came out. Kurumburt told Duck she was a prisoner and she was going to be his wife. Helpless as she was, Duck had no choice but to accept. She thought if she went along with the Water Rat, she could escape back to her family and friends whilst he was asleep. Kurumburt was no fool. He warned Duck that if she tried to escape at any time whilst he was asleep, Mulloka, the water devil, would devour her.

For weeks Kurumburt kept her trapped in his burrow hideout. Then one day he allowed her to have a paddle in the water outside. One sunny, warm, still morning, Duck spent a while feeding on waterweed and insects. She paddled back to the water rat's burrow and she saw Kurumburt curled up, fast asleep and snoring. Immediately she escaped and paddled up the river to her family home. Weeks passed and it was time for all the female ducks to lay their eggs, so they all found a nesting spot amongst the reeds. Before long out they all floated, proudly leading the baby ducklings behind them. With them came young Duck and behind her swam two children, two little ducks with duckbills and webbed feet, but alas, no feathers. Their bodies were covered with the fur of the water rat and they had four webbed feet instead of two. On the hind legs were sharp spikes, which looked like the spear of the water rat. Poor Duck was so tormented by the rest of the duck community that in shame and despair she left the sheltered billabong and made a new home for herself and her babies, far away from her family and friends. Her children grew up and became the first of the Gay-dari, the tribe of the platypus.


Platypus Month People

If you were born in the month of the Platypus, you are very inspirational, nervous and restless, with a strong sense of individuality. Your keen intellectual nature may incline you to study or take up a career in communications. Excellent occupational opportunities may arise in arts, journalism, law, medicine, stockbroking, commerce, banking, clerical work, sign writing, telecommunications, sales, advertising, the travel industry, architecture, foreign service, chiropractic, court reporting, military service and fashion. Although you are a happy-go-lucky person, you are sometimes very pessimistic, negative and selfish, with a strong desire to be free to do what you want. Due to your strong stress levels, you may need to gain greater empathy when dealing or communicating with others on an emotional level. You tend to look at things through the viewpoint of mind and not emotion. This way you lose out.

When something drastic happens in your own personal sphere, others may not reciprocate with the emotional sympathy you require. Your natural adaptability and cleverness will attract opportunities to you throughout your destiny and you will form many attachments and associations with others. You must avoid becoming too rigid or fixed in your ways. At times you may not see the trees for the forest. Adaptability, impulsiveness and versatility may have to be kept under control. You do have a tendency at times to rush into things without first thinking about the consequences. Despite your restlessness, you can manifest a determination or strength of will in gaining your objectives, even to the extent of picking the brains of others to use to your advantage. Never underestimate your intuitive insight or premonitions. You have a natural talent for knowing instinctively what to say or do or what others may be thinking.

At times you have fits of enthusiasm and may even go to extremes. Although you have tremendous mental abilities, you will find after a while that long-term studies bore you. To obtain stability in your life, it may be necessary to overcome the tendency to be pulled one way and then the other over personal and business matters. You can be very indecisive at times. Once you learn to establish your own convictions, you can go far. Sport and outdoor activities should be taken up to help release tensions and control body weight. In the affairs of the heart and friendship, you are often considered false, yet you are usually honest in intention. Your fickleness is due to not being able to make up your mind between love and friendship. You want sensation, love, excitement and security, but you wish for your freedom as well. You cannot stand being locked up or restricted for long periods of time. Basic household chores or mundane affairs never hold much interest for you yet, deep down, you love to be pampered in a firm, affectionate relationship, surrounded by peace and harmony.

You have a natural love of justice. Once you have decided on a course of action, you have the determination and staying power to carry you through. Despite your need to be constantly busy either mentally or physically, you need time out to enjoy moments of calm and quiet to recuperate your energies and maintain your inner self. Things at a distance may always appeal to you, whether it is in your near neighbourhood, interstate or overseas. Your ambitions are strong and you may develop long-range objectives or important goals away from your place of birth. It will always be the new and different that interests you. Your biggest problem is restlessness and dissatisfaction. Building up confidence or decisiveness is the key to your attainment of success in life.


Platypus Karmic Treasures

Lucky Gemstone: Tourmaline

Colour: Orange

Herbs: Broom Pea, Caraway, Lavender and Parsley

Totem Tree: White Cedar

Flower: Swamp Bottlebrush


Famous Platypus

Sir Paul McCartney, Joan Rivers, Donald Trump, Prince William, Lena Horne, Nicole Kidman, Kris Kristofferson,
Liz Hurley, Chris Isaak


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