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Australia's Dreamtime Astrology



The Koala

July is the Month of the Koala


Many years ago, after the big rains and before Aboriginal settlement, a 'very strong man on an island far away threw his boomerang out to sea with such strength and speed, it sailed across the ocean and never returned. When asked by an old onlooker where the boomerang was, the strong man replied that it had landed on a bigger island over the other side of the horizon. Everyone around agreed that there was no other island and thought the strong man was full of himself. Then a young boy asked, 'How do you know there is another island out there somewhere if you have not seen it?' An old man looking on suggested someone must go there to find the boomerang if that is where the strong man said it was. Lying under a tree, not far from the beach, was a furry bear that had been caught and killed for eating. 'I have never eaten bear before,' said the young boy. The strong man took the bear down to the beach and, with his flint knife, cut open the stomach, gave a piece of meat to the boy, drew out its intestine, put the end to his mouth and blew into it until it swelled into a long tube that reached the sky. He kept blowing until the tube bent over in a majestic arch, its end far out of sight, beyond the curve of the ocean. He had made a bridge to the island beyond the sea. Now they could cross the bridge and find out where the boomerang had landed. The strong man suggested it would be a better place than where they were presently living. As he put his foot on the bridge of intestines to climb the arch, the young boy, his father, mother, brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts, cousins and others followed him. The crossing took many days without food and in the heat of the Sun.

Eventually; they came to the end of climbing and slid the rest of the way down the other end of the arch, finally finding themselves on the faraway island. It was a wonderful place. The grass, shaded by gum trees, was greener than in their own land, and the water was cooler and clearer than they had ever seen or tasted before. They had reached the east coast of Australia . When all the tribe's people finally arrived there, they let the arch bridge float away. The sun shone on it as it disappeared over the horizon, turning it into many beautiful and bright colours, which formed the first rainbow ever seen. As they were watching the magical experience, the young boy was turned into a Koala. Although other tribesmen remained unchanged, they split into a number of groups, each with its own totem, and departed to various parts of the Australian continent to start their future in the new land.


Koala Month People

If you were born in the month of the Koala, you are intensely romantic, very emotional and sensitive, with a vivid imagination. You can be particularly painstaking and industrious in everything you undertake to do, but are inclined throughout your destiny to have extremes of good and bad fortune. You may be drawn to football, tennis, golf, cricket, club activities, political meetings or similar functions. Your sensitivity can always be put to good use. Because you intuitively sense what people want and desire, you can succeed in business or a profession by supplying the goods and services the public wants. You should be extra careful with stocks, shares and gambling generally, as you are likely to lose. It would be better to stick with legitimate careers that offer financial security and stability. Problems may arise from time to time through indecision or procrastination. You often have difficulty with plans, ideas or career. At a critical moment in your advancement, you may decide to toss it all in or mm back from the original idea. Success is guaranteed through holding positions of authority and leadership. You would be suitable for careers in home economics, horticulture, hotel management, industrial design, military service, law, insurance, journalism, landscape architecture, real estate, the meat industry, laboratories, metallurgy, meteorology, arts, national parks and wildlife, medicine, secretarial work and the public service.

To others you may seem a little conservative or slow in acting on what you know and feel about things or situations, but you reach your goals and objectives through purpose and staying power. You have an insatiable thirst for knowledge and a very retentive memory, especially for trivial things. You never forget what you learn. You can be a little shy, reserved and oversensitive to people and events. Politically, you tend to respect tradition and custom. You are extremely patriotic, with a strong sense of values, which is appreciated by others. Throughout your destiny, you may meet with much opposition, criticism and family upheavals. This will make you cynical and you may seethe in silence as you shut yourself up in your own little emotional world. You should always select your friends carefully and never tell others of your successes and failures, for trouble may brew. You may encounter some peculiar or unusual situations concerning money matters. Always beware of companies or syndicates offering large returns for a small outlay. Exercise care when signing papers, contracts or long-term agreements, or where there is an element of uncertainty. At some time in your destiny you may gain from totally unexpected sources, or come into large amounts of money through insurance, redundancy, settlements, lotteries, inheritance or real estate. In business you are reliable, trustworthy, prudent and conscientious, and your keen insight can help you make positive, important decisions. You know instinctively when something can be improved upon. You are naturally eloquent and at ease speaking to others on a public platform. Your ability to make long-lasting, loyal friendships will always increase your popularity and happiness.


Koala's Karmic Treasures

Lucky Gemstone:  Jasper

Colour:  Ochre

Herbs:  Tea tree, Ginger, Lemon Balm

Totem Tree:  Sydney Blue Gum

Flower:  Native Iris


Famous Koalas

Arnold Schwarzenegger, Donald Sutherland, Robin Williams, Sandra Bullock, Bert Newton, Tom Cruise, Jerry Hall, Linda Ronstadt, Pamela Anderson, Monica Lewinsky


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