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Australia's Dreamtime Astrology



The Possum

January is the Month of the Possum


Many moons ago, before white man reached the shores of Australia , in the outback lived Kuperree, the biggest Kangaroo in the country, who roamed the villages, the plains and the great desert. He was so tall, strong and fierce that all Aboriginal men were afraid of him, including the great Bunyip. Whenever Kuperree bounced across the plain, he would chase and kill any man or animal in his path. He was so terrifying to look at; when hunters saw him coming they would drop their boomerangs and spears, and then flee into hiding in the bush. Everyone was afraid of Kuperree, except two young brave hunters, Pilla and his mate Inta, who both decided to hunt him and kill him.

For days they followed the Kangaroo's tracks, until one hot afternoon they found him fast asleep at the foot of a mountain. They both tested their weapons for sharpness with their thumbs, and found they were all blunt. They became violently argumentative, blaming one and the other for not sharpening their spears. Inta, in a rage, picked up his club and thumped Pilla's nose flat into his face. Pilla retaliated by jabbing Inta with his blunt spear. With such a racket going on, they woke Kuperree, who immediately turned on the two young hunters. Without another thought, Pilla and his mate jabbed and clubbed the giant kangaroo dead. When they cut Kuperree open, they found many bodies of great hunters. Immediately, Pilla and his mate began chanting magic spells, which healed the wounds of the dead hunters and brought them back to life. Everyone was so happy they lit a big campfire and cooked the giant kangaroo. They all ate well and had their fill.

That night, the tribe praised Pilla and his mate for a job well done and with a magic spell changed the two young hunters into sacred animals so they could have an everlasting spiritual life. Pilla was made into a possum with a furrow down his nose (which was made when his mate Inta struck him with the club). Then he was sent into the sky (as he wasn't afraid of heights). Inta, his mate, became a native cat and today his spirit roams somewhere in the Great Plains and deserts of Australia . Between them, they keep a watchful and protective eye on our lives from the sky above and the earth below.


Possum Month People

If you were born in the month of the Possum, you have a strong, determined, practical nature with a marked individuality of your own. You are very independent in your views, original and creative in your desires, but at the same time you reflect a gentle, imaginative and intuitive nature about most things. You will have a set purpose in life, never giving in or allowing yourself to be discouraged by difficulties. Success throughout your life will follow you through your own efforts. You are constructive mentally, capable of making plans on a big scale. You are suited for positions of management, organization and administration. You have great versatility and your chief difficulty may be to stay on the one path you choose. With so much adaptability you may find yourself always looking for a place to climb. You want to be the head of something at all costs. You may not realise it but you are a born leader, and many wonderful and unexpected opportunities will always come your way. You are best placed in positions in which you can exercise your talents of authority and leadership.

In business, success is possible due to your splendid organisational talents, especially with large-scale enterprises or public companies. Success could be found in such careers as government, clerical, management, contracting, computers, real estate, brokerage, law, politics, farming, music, research, secretarial work, medicine, and banking. Self-employment in some of these fields is a possibility. Your ambitions at times may be thwarted by delays or hindrance, and you will exercise great patience in carrying out your projects. You may on occasion meet with considerable jealousy and opposition, and you will make enemies in whatever your career may be. No amount of opposition will deter you; however, in any purpose or plan you set your mind to achieve.

Your keen, penetrating and critical mind will at times make you very suspicious of people and events. In most cases you will always have an ace up your sleeve, in case of emergencies. Most people will misunderstand you, and occasionally you may feel isolated from others. You will be inclined to lay down the law over various matters and will hold firmly to whatever your own views may be. You have a naturally serious disposition, are a good thinker and debater. Throughout your lifetime, you will undergo many trials and sorrows caused by your career, business, family ties and those you love.

Emotionally, you may become a puzzle to your loved ones. You may also become the victim of acute stubbornness, despondency, depression or mood change, especially if things do not go your way, if your career-related dreams, hopes, wishes and desires are put on hold. Companionship is a vital factor in respect to your happiness. Intellectual compatibility and values are important to you, rather than sentimental interests. However, in most cases your emotions are controlled or directed by your intelligence and judgement. Caution should always be observed when speculating and gambling. Avoid all get-rich-quick schemes. You would be better to invest in solid business schemes, blue chip stocks, shares and real estate.

Although never blinded to the faults of others, you will be ready to find an excuse for their actions or take the responsibility on your own shoulders. There is a humanitarian streak in your nature along with a philosophical outlook that blends a combination of diplomacy, objectiveness, shrewdness, frankness and sincerity. Time out seeking your own space and relaxation is essential for your peace of mind and general health, and you should devote some of your spare time to cultural, sporting or musical interests and activities. A positive personality and friendliness is the key to your success.


Possum Karmic Treasures

Lucky Gemstone:  Azurite

Colour:  Indigo

Herbs:  Yellow-Fruited Tree, Comfrey and Cumin

Totem Tree:  Bolly Gum

Flower:  Protea


Famous Possums

Dolly Parton, Ita Buttrose, Michael Crawford, Robert Duvall, Mel Gibson, Oprah Winfrey, Neil Diamond,
Shirley Bassey


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