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Australia's Dreamtime Astrology



The Bat

February is the Month of the Bat


Many Suns did rise and set before Buthera, a proud Aboriginal chief who possessed magical powers, decided to walk his great land, the coast of Queensland . Before he commenced his journey, he was advised by his elders to be careful and watch for the sudden and unexpected on the way. Buthera, being a rather aloof man, would rather follow his own intuition and did not take too kindly to what other people said or did. During his long journey, Buthera became tired and decided to rest and make camp for the night, whilst he was cooking his food over the fire, out of nowhere came another man. Buthera was surprised to see him and asked who he was. The stranger told Buthera his name was Mudichera; chief of the Bat tribe, and that Buthera was camped on his land and should get off immediately.

Buthera became very angry, as he knew the land he was camped on was his own. He suggested to Mudichera, the so-called chief of the Bat tribe, that he was not a chief at all, that he was just something the west wind had blown in, and that he should blow right back where he came from. This made Mudichera very hostile. He pulled his waddy from his belt and attacked Buthera with vengeance. The two chiefs fought fiercely. Buthera was in better physical shape and Mudichera began to tire. With his flint knife in his hand, Buthera swung with such power and so viciously that he cut Mudichera clean in half. To Buthera's surprise, there was a flapping of leathery wings, the two parts of the body suddenly rose in the air, and two bats escaped from under Buthera's hand to find safety in the darkness of the heavens. Buthera grinned, picked up his weapons and continued his long journey, watching for the unexpected every step of the way. Willy-Wagtail, the message carrier bird, continues to this day to tell this story to all newborn Aboriginal babies.


Bat Month People

If you were born in the month of the Bat, you are inclined to be extremely sensitive and easily hurt, even if you show a tough exterior. At times it may be difficult for you to fit into the expectations of family and environment, as you tend to put up an emotional wall between yourself and others-the proverbial square peg in a round hole. Being so sensitive, and so disinclined to hurt others, you may conceal your opinions or keep them to yourself. By doing this you tend to lose empathy in your communication with others. You tend to be a loner, even though you are likely to make contacts with large numbers of people. If you can overcome your sensitivity and develop more self-confidence, there is no position in life you cannot attain. In work and business, you are practical, sound, industrious, steady and reliable once your direction is established. You have remarkable ideas about business and administrative affairs, and throughout your destiny you will be found giving helpful advice to many. Artistic interest, studies, music and cultural pursuits will appeal to you and you may have a flair for literary affairs, writing, advertising or public speaking.

You are somewhat nervous and restless and tend to get yourself into situations or conditions that place you under considerable strain. You may not be demonstrative in your affections and have difficulty expressing your loving nature due to your independence. However, what you lose in emotions you make up for in loyalty and friendship. Your associations in partnership and marriage can strongly influence your life. Your intuition is very strong and you prefer to act on gut level feelings, together with commonsense. In most cases your judgement will be spot on, as you read people instinctively. You may be gifted with a streak of genius. Scientific interests or advanced thought will appeal to you, and you have the ability to visualise what you feel and think about things, possessing faith in your dreams and expectations. There will always be an element of the mysterious and confidential in your life and affairs.

Occasionally, you may lose control of a conversation and state what is on your mind-subjective opinions, and then regret your actions at a later date. You may have a great desire to be an activist or employed for the benefit of the general public in teaching, banking, postal services, courier service, transport, railways, surveying, welfare, law, trades and labour unions, medicine, research, secretarial work, travel, music, theatre or media. At some stage in your destiny, you will be inclined to assist those less fortunate than yourself. You may find yourself involved with politics, public movements, clubs, groups, societies and organizations in your community that benefit the world at large and attract large masses of people. Your natural generosity and wide understanding of life and purpose place you strongly in the humanitarian category. Although living much within yourself, you may be attracted to groups and crowds, attending places where people congregate, such as political rallies, mass meetings, theatres, concerts, sport and amusement places. You are a person who, through no fault of your own, will rub shoulders with all kinds-very important people, saints, sinners, the gentle, and even the hysterical. Your magnetic and commanding personality will deeply influence people under your authority, and you will always attract attention and respect. With your instinctive deep-rooted love of truth and knowledge social injustices are an irritant to you. Sham or deception is something for which you have an intense dislike. Your life's happiness and success depend on your understanding and handling of the complexities of life.


Bat Karmic Treasures

Lucky Gemstone: Jasper

Colour: Amethyst

Herbs: Cocky Apple, Bush Mango, Elder, and Marshmallow

Totem Tree: Flame Tree

Flower: Batswing Coral


Famous Bats

Prince Andrew (Duke of York ), Cindy Crawford, Nick Nolte, Peter Fonda, Drew Barrymore, Jane Seymour, Elizabeth Taylor, Garth Brooks, Leslie Nielson


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