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Australia's Dreamtime Astrology



The Crocodile

August is the Month of the Crocodile


Pikuwa, the crocodile man, was very sick. He did not want any visitors except his old friend Otama, the porpoise. Pikuwa was very thirsty and requested Otama to bring him a drink of good water. Otama was amazed, as Pikuwa was already lying in a pool of water, and he suggested he drink what was underneath him. Pikuwa was really a very shy freshwater crocodile man and said to his friend the porpoise that all he wanted was a drink of fresh water from the well. Otama suggested Pikuwa dig his own well with his sharp claws, since Otama did not have those assets, only flippers and fins. Pikuwa became very annoyed at the porpoise and did his block. Otama immediately lost his cool and stabbed Pikuwa with his spear. Pikuwa, who was really a coward, turned and ran off to his home in the river, close to the sea. When he arrived home his daughter-in-law sympathised with him and rubbed him down to help ease the pain Otama had caused with his spear. Pikuwa was pleased at the service and attention he was getting. His daughter-in-law was also singing him a lullaby song to soothe his emotions. Pikuwa was so taken by the fuss and love of his daughter-in-law, he asked her to marry him. At that moment the young woman's mother arrived at the auwa. 'Mother,' she cried, 'I have just married Pikuwa.' The other woman took no notice. She went up to the crocodile man and stroked his wound. The gratified Pikuwa immediately offered to marry her, too, and so became the husband of his son's wife and her mother. The next to arrive was his sister's daughter, and he also married her. In succession on that one day, Pikuwa married his son's wife and her mother, his niece, his own granddaughter, his mother and her mother and many other female relatives who approached him. However, he had little time to enjoy their favours. Old man porpoise came up to Pikuwa and told him a bandicoot had gone down the hole next to him. Pikuwa put his claw down the hole and grabbed the bandicoot. He tugged with all his strength to pull him to the surface. No matter how hard he tried, the bandicoot would not budge. It was a miserable death for the crocodile. In his stubbornness, he refused to let go of his prey and so died, with his claw stuck fast in the hole.


Crocodile Month People

If you were born in the month of the Crocodile, you are very much an individualist. Proud, passionate, ambitious, masterful, honourable, you love life and have a considerable interest in social activity. You usually have great ambitions, and your aim will always be to get ahead in whatever career or business you choose. Your humane character can make you large-hearted and generous. You always seem to find excitement and adventure in all you do, and you are keenly attracted to other strong personalities. In fact, you are ready to forgive any fault in others, so long as they have individuality and purpose. You detest being told what to do or being dictated to. However, ask you to do something and you will respond with gusto. You have much tenacity of purpose. Self-expression is your highest priority, and you indulge yourself whenever possible. Your charming disposition delights others and you glow when the spotlight is focused on you. Once you put your mind to some plan or purpose, you usually reach your goal in spite of every difficulty or obstacle.

Faith seems inherent in you and is your best ally. You have a wonderful magnetic power of inspiring others to reach out and achieve. You also have a wonderful ability to get to the nitty-gritty of any problem that may be bothering you. Others will in most cases, respect your direct manner. However, due to your sensitivity, you may excel in careers such as politics, management, teaching, social welfare work, public relations, arts, music, acting, secretarial work, hairdressing/beauty care, fashion, farming, nursing, medicine, viticulture, valuation, screen design, scriptwriting, military service, travel industry or recreation supervision. You must be careful not to make enemies through your frankness of speech and your hatred of anything underhanded or dishonest. You will always defend your friends to the hilt in the face of all attacks from others. However, if your friends show disloyalty or deceit, you will drop them like a hot potato, without fear or favour, or feelings of guilt.

You are very susceptible to your environment and you may exhibit a strong tendency to take on other people's problems as well as biting off more than you can chew. You must pay attention to your friendships and love relationships as you progress through your destiny, because you may encounter many tragedies, heartaches and estrangements. You have an extremely warm, romantic nature that inclines you to make concessions to those you love in order to stimulate friendly relations. Unfortunately, because of this, others may take advantage of you. At times you may find yourself in a quandary. This will cause despondency and dissatisfaction for not having reached your goals or that high position you aspire to. Your determination, power of will and emotional vitality can assure you of success and carry you to great heights throughout your destiny. Your inner energies keep you forever on the go and you have a strong religious or philosophical orientation in your nature. You are considered more fortunate than others in all matters connected with finances, and you are promised success in any business you can call your own. You will benefit through speculation and judicious investment and should always shoot for the sky in your plans and projects. Your greatest success is through your service dealings with the general public, rather than the individual. You gain most in becoming known as a person who can be trusted, with idealism and a high purpose in life. Your success throughout your destiny depends on stability of purpose, as well as constancy in your affairs, in your interests and in your creative ability in your chosen field of endeavour.


Crocodile Karmic Treasures

Lucky Gemstone: Diamond

Colour: Yellow

Herbs: Wild Apricot, Bay Leaves, Chamomile

Totem Tree: Cootamundra Wattle

Flower: Orchid


Famous Crocodiles

Dustin Hoffman, Richard Gere, Melanie Griffith, Sean Connery, Angela Bassett, Madonna, John Laws,
Kenny Rogers, Gillian Anderson, Robert De Niro


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