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Australia's Dreamtime Astrology



The Wombat

May is the Month of the Wombat


Many star years ago, Nurunderi was out in the bush searching for his wives, who had decamped after eating all the tucker at his bush camp. Since he could not find any tracks of his wives, he had to decide which direction to take. After a while, he decided to go towards the southeast, following the line to Coorong. He walked with great speed and covered about seventy miles. Nurunderi became tired, built a small camp and slept the night. Early next morning, as the first of the Sun's rays rose over the plains, Puckowe, the Grandmother Spirit, the guardian angel of good people and the protector awaked him from danger. She told Nurunderi to be careful and be aware of danger ahead. She told him of a very cruel man who had become a disciple of the crow and had caused a great deal of mischief. He had been transformed from a human being into Wardu the wombat, and in this form he wandered alone among the sand hummocks. Many hours passed before, quite unexpectedly, Wardu ambushed Nurunderi. The evil one was singing and dancing because he had drawn first blood. Nurunderi, like all good warriors, took his spear, placed it on his throwing stick and, having balanced it well above his shoulder, threw with all his might. He pierced the heart of the evil one and went on his way.

Wardu the wombat's spirit, survived to travel on. Jooteetch, the native cat, and Wej, the emu, were husband and wife and lived together. One day, when Jooteetch was out hunting, Wardu came out of the bush and entered Wej's camp. He asked her to lie down and he made love with her all day. When the Sun went down, she told Wardu he had better go before Jooteetch returned. Before Wardu left, he covered Wej with the precious red ochre used for ceremonies. When Jooteetch returned, he asked her where she had got the red ochre. She lied and said she had found it. Unfortunately, Jooteetch had seen Wardu's tracks and made Wej tell the truth. He lit a big fire and when it was burning fiercely, he got hold of Wej and threw her upon the blaze. Fortunately, with the powerful inner spirit of Wardu, Wej flew out of the fire and went up into the sky, where she became the dark patch in the Milky Way, called Wej Mor. Wardu, to this day, still comes out at night to see his lover in the myriad of stars.


Wombat Month People

If you were born in the month of the Wombat, you are positive and forceful, with a very strong, practical and determined personality, and you will not be driven to make a fast decision. You can be plodding, extremely strong-willed, stubborn, reserved, secretive, procrastinating, pig-headed and a downright pain in the backside. You will annoy others with your overprotective attitude about your emotional and material security, always trying to create a better and safer lifestyle. You are an expert at giving so-called friendly business advice to others, but absolutely hopeless when it comes to accepting and applying good, sound advice and information from those in the know. You are adverse to change, not very adaptable at all and the knowledge and skill you obtain is largely bought at the price of experience. You will find greater happiness in life if you avoid being too exacting with others, and the tendency to dominate people. You need a career that is secure and conservative. That way you feel safe. However, you can miss out on opportunities, due to your slow thinking, your effort to see the 'Big Picture', or your long-range, steady view-when immediate action together with a little diversification is called for. You would be suited to careers in building, administration, hospitality, farming, actuarial work, banking, interior design, life insurance, nursing, occupational therapy, pharmacy, massage, retail management, arts, health/beauty care, child care, librarianship, service in the defence forces, public service, stock market, purchasing and supply, tourism and engineering. Intellectual tendencies endow you with the ability and talent for writing and creative activities. Your capacity for attainment increases in direct ratio to your interest in further education and in broadening your knowledge and skills.

You have a strong attachment to your home and family. Home comforts are important and you dislike waste. Your economical, controlling influence will cause you to take a definite stand, mainly when you feel very strongly about something. Your attainment in life generally has to centre on yourself, as you identify with what you do or what you hope to achieve. Personal pride can cause you to be extremely domineering and inflexible in your attitude. Your strong likes and dislikes may irritate your family, friends and co-workers. You can be rather critical about details and technicalities, so you will find it difficult to resolve an issue in compromise with others. Your petty dealings with superfluous matters stop you from attacking what is vital and important first. Romance can dominate your life. Your success and happiness, as well as your disappointments, depend largely on your emotional attitude. At times, due to your powerful and sometimes possessive, non-compromising attitude, your love life will cause you upsets and difficulties that are generally your own doing. Happiness depends on your understanding as well as your emotional control in human relationships. You can benefit through travel and education.

A strongly developed social sense and sympathy towards others will aid your popularity. Your main purpose in life is to gain recognition, position and authority and make your success in a practical way, as security is the fundamental principle for you. Your major motivation and power comes from your deep feelings, but you must watch your sudden changes of mood and attitude. You worry too much over disappointments and setbacks. Flexibility of mind favours a quick recovery when your hopes, wishes and desires don't work out. Music and hobbies may be the best way to ease your tensions and anxieties. Spend more time participating in sport or other outside interests. You must force yourself to diversify and try out new things for your general and emotional health.


Wombat Karmic Treasures

Lucky Gemstone: Zircon

Colour: Bronze

Herbs: Plate Fungus, Mint, Thyme, and Lovage

Totem Tree: Broad-Leaved Paperbark

Flower: Black-eyed Susan


Famous Wombats

Tony Blair, Naomi Campbell, Stevie Wonder, Clint Eastwood, Drew Carey, Priscilla Presley, George Clooney, Candice Bergen


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