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The Bandicoot

March is the Month of the Bilby


Many years ago, all the Bilbys lived together in a large infertile valley of the great Australian desert. The Queen of the Bilbys was Bilba. She was three times as big as any other Bilby alive. Her paws were broad and strong, and she could dig in the dry soil faster than any Bilby around. When she dug with all her might, she would create a sandstorm as great as Wurrawilberoo himself. Enemies were few and far between for the Bilby tribe. The valley had little to offer other animals in the way of food and the only drinking water was in deep holes below the surface.

One day, during a severe drought, the dingo tribe was forced to leave its original hunting ground in search of a new food source elsewhere. The dingos came across the Bilby valley quite by mistake and the pack decided to take the Bilbys by surprise and eat them for dinner. The leader of the dingo pack spotted Bilba because other large size and the dingos pursued her. Bilba was too fast for the pack. She scampered up the valley with her powerful legs, gradually putting distance between herself and the dingos- When Bilba was a safe distance from the pack, she dug frantically with her paws. Within seconds she was lost in a whirling cloud of dust. The leading dingo soon arrived, penetrated the storm of sand and discovered the hole in the ground. Immediately, he endeavoured to dig to her depth. As the dingos widened the hole, the Sun's rays lighted the broken burrow and Bilba could be seen. But, Bilba was too quick for him she sprang out of the hole, darted swiftly between the dingos and continued up the hill.

The dingos continued to chase her, stretching every muscle trying to jump on her back. Bilba drew ahead of the pack again and once more burrowed into the ground. The dingos were relentless in their pursuit. Time after time they flushed Bilba from her hastily dug burrows. Eventually, Bilba reached the end of the valley and dug her way frantically into the ground for the last time. Whilst the dingos were widening the holes at one end, she was digging deeper and deeper into the ground. All of a sudden she felt the soil soft and moist under her paws and she dug deeper, faster and easier. To her surprise, she was soon up to her stomach in muddy water. Then, without warning, a great clear water jet gushed from the hole, hurling Bilba far into the air. The water gushed all over the valley, filling burrows and sweeping all the dingos together, almost drowning them. The dingos were so battered, bruised and frightened they scrambled to their feet and took off out of the valley as fast as a sheet of lightning.

The spring water did not dry up, filling every hole to the brim and running on to the next, in the end; there was a chain of silver pools in the arid soil. The dingos have never returned to this day. Many stars have risen and set since Bilba died. But there has never been another giant Bilby in the valley. The water Bilba brought from the depths of the earth has made it a flowering paradise, a land of green pastures, leafy trees and flowers that never stop blooming.


Bilby Month People

If you were born in the month of the Bilby, you will possess a natural understanding about life, together with a strong intuition. Your inner nature will always differ greatly from your outer personality, since your sympathetic, benevolent inner feelings can make you somewhat timid and shy. Your greatest strength lies in your love of knowledge, which you absorb easily. Throughout your destiny, an attraction towards the medieval and metaphysical, towards history, geography, travel, research, exploration, teaching and law may interest you. You are more mentally ambitious than you appear, but you feel you must know your subject matter thoroughly before you speak or write about it. Although you are very selective in friendships, you are loyal to those you trust and can look up to. Equilibrium, peacefulness and calmness are important to your wellbeing. You are not inclined to push yourself forward in a conversation and usually wait to be asked before giving an opinion. However, you do possess a natural power of persuasion, having the ability to show quiet, tactful persistence when dealing with others.

You are usually easygoing, with a built-in determination that, when motivated, arouses your enthusiasm to press ahead with your chosen goals. You will be successful in life through sheer determination and you have a great respect for organization, law and order. At times you may go overboard, with your gratification and innate sense of luxury, self-indulgence and the good things in life. This may get you into difficulty or embarrassing situations through being too receptive to your surroundings and being influenced by false friends, situations, fraudulent schemes, drugs or drink. You can be your own worst enemy by being practical, tolerant and understanding one minute, then completely irrational, emotional and changeable the next. This duality will certainly surprise your family, friends and work colleagues. It is imperative for you to combat your changeability and restlessness.

You are generally fond of travel and may have many interstate and overseas journeys, in connection with your employment and/or for pleasure. Your strong attraction to the mountains, lakes, rivers or the ocean may incline you to live near these places at some time in your destiny. In your career, your urge is to choose authoritative positions, or to find success in administrative fields, corporate business, foreign-service, education, importing and exporting, theatrical arts, media, law, medicine, sales, military, hospitality, or commerce-perhaps as a self-employed person. You are extremely security-minded, superstitious; you love to investigate the unknown, philosophies, mysteries or puzzles. The thought of poverty or lack of money throughout your life will always play on your subconscious mind and for this reason you will never allow your generosity to get the better of you. However, in some cases money will have no value in your eyes. It will be seen as something to be used, or as a means to an end.

Your success throughout your destiny depends on your intuitive discrimination and analytical insight into your daily affairs, as well as a balance in your judgement of people. You must learn to be more expressive with your feelings and thoughts. You tend to keep many things to yourself, showing the capacity for reserve, secrecy, as well as subtlety in planning, ideas and methods. Intensity of purpose is important in your success. Your keen imagination or mental vision and foresight can assist you to plan ahead for your future. The most important point to remember is: try to avoid discouragement and despondency. You will feel at times that you are somewhat of a martyr, always biting off more than you can chew, dissipating your energies into many schemes. You will dream great dreams of what you want or expect yourself to be; however, you often lack the continuity of purpose or physical effort to achieve the results. Always listen to your inner-self and learn to trust your intuition.


Bilby Karmic Treasures

Colour: Magenta

Herbs: Wild Asparagus, Purslane and Rose Hips.

Totem Tree: Red Cedar

Flower: Chamaelaucium (Waxflower)


Famous Bilbys

Al Gore, Eric Clapton, Bruce Willis, Sharon Stone, Sir Michael Caine, Rupert Murdoch, Elle Macpherson,
Jerry Lewis, Holly Hunter, Glenn Close


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