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Sun Signs

The Water Bearer

Jan 21 to Feb 19

Planetary Ruler:  Uranus

Your most marked characteristic is your tolerance for people and ideas You are driven by a love of humanity. Your sincerity, understanding and friendliness ensure harmonious relationships for you, and help you maintain equilibrium in the face of even the most adverse circumstances. This sign is considered the most spiritual. Your calmness can, however, lead to a tendency to daydream. Your idealism may rob you of decisiveness and the ability to cope practically with the concrete necessities of life. You are a bit of a doubting Thomas, too, prepared to question traditional beliefs.

You rebel against authority, preferring to find new ways of thinking and of action. You have a highly inventive mind and excellent reasoning faculties. You love nothing better than contesting thorny issues. You thrive on intellectual stimulation and alternative views. You are quickly bored by small talk.

Your tolerant and generous outlook allows you to adopt a supremely optimistic viewpoint. Speedy decisions and rushed activities are totally antagonistic to your temperament, and you do best when functioning in a tranquil atmosphere.

You require a great deal of personal freedom and are fixed in your pursuit of this. You tend to love people in general, but very rarely let another get too close. You do not like being possessed, even by those you love to distraction. Others find you aloof and unreadable at times, a bit vague and distant. Yet you are exceedingly loyal to your close friends. For these reasons it takes time for you to adjust to marriage or any close partnership.

Aquarians prefer to work independently and are hard to boss around, for they will follow their own interests. If given their way, they can make original contributions which benefit humankind. In matters of health, Aquarians tend to live on their nerves and need to watch out for hypertension in later life. A good massage can help stimulate the circulation. Eyestrain is another problem, especially when using computers to excess.

Aquarians can, in later life, express the personality traits of their opposite Zodiac sign of Leo. You could become more emphatic about your deeply held humanitarian beliefs, and try to convert others to them.

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