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Sun Signs

The Scales

Sep 24 to Oct 23

Planetary Ruler:  Venus

The Sun in Libra gives you a keen and inquiring intellect. You are remarkable for your impartiality and love of justice. You constantly strive to bring order out of chaos, to bring harmony to your relations with others. You have natural charm and are well mannered. You are also a sociable person and associations with others are important to you.

There is nothing rigid about your views. You are always prepared to examine convictions which are contrary to your own. You tend, however, to procrastinate and, as a result, inaction is your characteristic personality flaw. Your capacity to dither and delay can irritate your family, friends and colleagues.

Your love of harmony extends to your surroundings. You dislike anything which is incongruous with your love of design and balance. Your home is, as a result, tastefully decorated. You have a marked artistic bent and appreciate painting, literature and music to the full. Your general lack of practical organisation, which stems from your tendency to postpone making decisions, makes you more suited to the appreciation of the artistic rather than to active participation in the particular art form which fascinates you most. You are good at bringing artistic people together and could become a patron of the arts.

Librans should do everything in moderation! One of their greatest temptations is the lure of good living. Social drinking can be a problem, as the weak point is the kidneys, particularly in middle life. You should always drink plenty of fresh cold water to help eliminate toxic wastes from your system, particularly after a heavy night out.

The Libran personality is attracted to the opposite Sun sign of Aries. The Arian capacity for quick decision making and action complements the Libran capacity to weigh everything in the balance and reach decisions slowly. The fiery Arian temperament is your direct antithesis but opposites can attract.


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