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Sun Signs

The Scorpion

Oct 24 to Nov 22

Planetary Ruler:  Pluto

The Sun in Scorpio gives you amazing powers of tenacity and resistance. The keynote of your personality is willpower. You are courageous, too, but your courage is tempered by a healthy measure of caution. This saves you from the extremism to which your rigid determination in the struggle for existence might otherwise lead.

Your magnetic personality is a bit of a mystery to most people. You are secretive and deep. You are also physically passionate and a demanding sexual partner. You have a tendency towards moodiness and depression if your sexual needs are not met. Once you become emotionally involved with another you are tenacious in your desire to hold what you have. You can be possessive as well as demanding and subject to fits of jealousy over those you love. You are very intense.

Your very strength of character can lead to a certain degree of callousness towards the feelings of others. Your strong willpower comes at a price. You do not disguise your opinions, and those with whom you come into contact soon know whether you find them congenial or not! Those you like can count on your steadfast faithfulness; those you don't will often suffer from your occasional caustic remarks and sarcasm.

In terms of possible careers, those in the Sign of Scorpio can succeed in science, medicine, or careers where technical competence is required. You will read the undercurrents and the power plays going on between people in the workplace with ease and use these to your advantage.

When Scorpios are ill, they often recover quickly through sheer willpower. They have strong constitutions, yet can be their own worst enemy by drinking, drug taking and smoking to excess. They are particularly susceptible to urinary tract and reproductive organ infections.

Scorpio people can learn a lot from those with the Sun in Taurus. The good humour and love of pleasure and enjoyment of the Taurus counterbalances the secrecy and intensity of the Scorpio.


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