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Sun Signs

The Twins

May 22 to Jun 21

Planetary Ruler:  Mercury

The Sun in Gemini gives you the outstanding characteristics of versatility and perspicacity. You are both ingenious and resourceful. You possess a highly developed critical faculty and have an eagerness to learn. This, coupled with a love of change, means that you will have many differing intellectual interests during your lifetime.

Both mentally and physically you are remarkable for your sensitivity to external phenomena. Your ready understanding of people and ideas gives you a charm of manner, which is endearing. You are an able communicator. Your very versatility and ingenuity, however, tend to make you somewhat inconsistent. You lack the more solid virtues of concentration and determination and can be easily distracted.

Duality is a key note of the Gemini signified by its traditional symbol, the twins. The symbol indicates a mind/body tension. The world of ideas can take precedence over the demands of the body. Physical weakness can occur in the dual organs of the body such as the lungs. With the sun in this sign you need to be careful that a common cold does not turn into bronchitis or pneumonia. Your alertness and restlessness also mean that you can drive yourself to the point of nervous exhaustion. You certainly feel "strung out" at times. You need to work at getting time alone to be tranquil.

You experience great difficulty in finding theories and convictions, which give lasting satisfaction. The multiplicity of your interests may lay you open to the charge of disloyalty. Certainly you are rarely constant to any single idea. Your vivaciousness and joy of life make you want to party on with a rich and broad range of acquaintances and in social gatherings you can be a bit of a flirt.

Your adaptability shows promise of success in fields, which affect communication and call for a quick response. Journalism is one such field, whether this be print or electronic, from newspapers to sound and video broadcasting. Lecturing and advocacy in law are others. Provided you seek to avoid the tendency towards superficiality which besets you, you are capable of developing a selective and analytical intellect.


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