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Sun Signs


The Goat

Dec 22 to Jan 20

Planetary Ruler:  Saturn


If you are born in the sign of Capricorn you aspire to the peaks yet have your feet firmly planted on the ground. Like the goat you cull the earth for its riches and are a voracious consumer.

You are a serious-minded person and extremely hard working. You tend to be reserved in your attitude to others and are very critical of those who do not possess your degree of self-control in the expression of affection. You have a high sense of responsibility towards your family and business interests and are thrifty. You possess powers of concentration to a remarkable degree and usually attain your ends by sheer persistence and dogged industriousness. You are shrewd in the ways you work to provide material benefits for your immediate family. You are well disciplined and can be relied on to pay off the mortgage and other bills before buying the food. You hate being indebted.

You tend to put emotions out of your mind when in pursuit of the material gains in life. As a result you are prone to a kind of tunnel vision. The children go into playgroup and on holiday-care programs if you can earn a good salary whilst bringing them up. But you also lavish material objects on them to help with their education; you are ambitious for yourself and your family, so you provide materially for their welfare.

Your power of concentration gives you a terrific driving force. In intellectual work you are capable of meticulous attention to detail. You can be an excellent organiser, although your natural caution tends to limit the range of your enterprises. If you organise a business conference you will make sure it makes a profit and that the delegates are properly housed and paid for their contributions. You are also good at finding external sources of funding to support such ventures.

You are modest, however, and find it hard to be assertive. You should mix with cheerful people, because you are liable to get pessimistic about your circumstances. Capricorns are prone to colds, so should wrap up warmly in the winter. The knees can be sensitive and give trouble in later life. In the Southern Hemisphere, those born under the sign of Capricorn can express the personality traits of their opposite Zodiac sign of Cancer. The home-loving, emotionally supportive and mothering tendencies of the Cancer balance the Capricorn's practical competence in providing for a family's security needs.


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