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Sun Signs

The Ram

Mar 21 to Apr 20

Planetary Ruler:  Mars


The Sun in Aries denotes activity in every department of life. You possess strong convictions coupled with great physical courage. You have a stormy and driven nature, and make decisions with boldness and audacity. Leadership roles come easily to you.

You may find your mental activity makes you prone to passionate convictions, but you also have the capacity to transmit your ideas to others as your enthusiasm is infectious. You consider it your duty to have your ideas widely accepted and have the charisma to achieve this.

Audacity is the keynote of your personality. You are very ambitious and enterprising. The inevitable outcome of these qualities is a tendency to recklessness and extravagance of ideas and actions. You do not suffer fools gladly and find people who dither hard to cope with. Your forceful convictions can make it difficult for you to listen to temperate advice coming from others, yet checking your facts could save you from the fanaticism and rashness to which the Aries type is liable.

You tend to give free expression to your impatience with those slower than yourself and to become irritable on slight provocation. For this reason you should always attempt to come to terms with other people's convictions rather than dismissing them just because they do not correspond with your own. You tend to run hot, which can lead to burn-out!

Those with the Sun in Aries can learn a lot from the personality traits of their opposite Zodiac sign of Libra. The measured quality of the Libran ability to strive for balance in decision-making and action complements the Aries, who wants to run before learning to walk.


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