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Sun Signs

The Lion

Jul 24 to Aug 23

Planetary Ruler:  Sun

The Sun in Leo gives you an ambitious nature, but you are also practical in your ideas. You are self-confident with a lot of creative energy. Your personality is outgoing and optimistic. You can fire up others with your enthusiasm. As a result, you have strong leadership potential. Dominating others is very easy for you. If you don't attain leadership through a career which channels these strengths, you could become a bit bossy in your dealings with family and friends.

With love of position comes the love of the trappings of position and ostentation could be your most characteristic weakness. You can be pompous at times. Your love of ritual stems from a reverence for the past, for tradition.

You are basically straightforward and frank, and rather than harbour a grudge, prefer to fight in the open. The strength of your personality invariably commands the respect of those about you. You are big-hearted and generous, so your fiery temperament is often excused. Your temper is easily provoked and your feelings readily injured. You often say things in the heat of the moment which you regret later on. The result of these tendencies is that you can lack tact in your dealings with others. You are, however, loyal to a fault. You value lasting relationships and are usually the first to take steps to heal any breach. You expect loyalty from others, too. In health matters you need to avoid placing undue strain on the heart. You need to learn to rest and take things easy. High blood pressure is a point to be watched, as are problems with blood circulation. Back trouble is also a natural weakness and muscular pain can be common in this region, particularly if you are in work that demands standing for long periods.

In your working life you are likely to rise to a position of authority, whatever field you choose. Leo was said to be the sign of kingship in traditional Astrology, as the lion is the king of the beasts.

You can learn a lot from people born with the Sun in Aquarius. Where you enjoy status and power, Aquarians are more rebellious against restriction; where you have a sympathy for traditional ways, they take on new ways or methods with ease.


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