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Sun Signs

The Bull

Apr 21 to May 21

Planetary Ruler:  Venus

The Sun in Taurus gives you both willpower and perseverance in your attitude to your life's tasks. Stability and constructiveness are the dominant features of your personality. You are highly methodical in all your dealings and great reliance can be placed upon you, especially in all money matters. You have a shrewd business sense. In matters affecting your career your constructive ability should be given free play. You strive for secure circumstances in work and play.

Thoroughness is a marked characteristic of all your work. You value the practical solution to a problem rather than the theoretical. This leads you to estimate on a materialistic basis and where sheer doggedness and solidity are desirable, you will succeed. You have a good sense of form and a love of pleasure and enjoyment. The negative side is that you may not be sufficiently discriminating, and your critical faculties could need development. You fear taking risks and tend towards conservatism in your judgements. This can discourage you from taking the initiative.

The chief danger in your attitude to life is that your stability of personality may drift into stagnation; you may become a creature of habit. Your willpower too can lapse into mere stubbornness and obstinacy. You need to distinguish between these strengths and their attendant weaknesses as you get older.

In later life, Taureans are apt to put on weight as a result of their natural love of good food ad wine. You should be careful not to overindulge your healthy appetite for the good things in life, remembering that good things in moderation cannot harm you. You may find yourself interested in alternative dietary practices, such as low fat, low salt cookery spiced with plenty of herbs to maintain that gourmet palate.

Those with the Sun in Taurus can learn a lot from the personality traits of their opposite Zodiac sign of Scorpio. The fearlessness and passion of the Scorpion personality adds that complementary zest, that "get-up-and-go" which you need. Along with this sign, you can also be attracted to those born under the sign of Aries and Gemini in longer term personal and sexual relationships.


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